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  1. I know you seen some of the movies that have a scene going then the lead will snap his fingers and everyone but him will talk and he will walk up to the camera and speak a monologue. I always have wondered how they do that. Green screen? Camera tricks? Thanks for your time. David S.
  2. Wow. I just got premiere pro 1.5 becuase I decided to stick to windows operating system after a thinking long and hard I thought it would be more practical to keep windows. anyway, so I got premiere pro 1.5 and its about 10 times smoother then the last premiere I used which is 6.0 and 6.5. 6.0 would freeze on my computer but pro 1.5 now runs soo smoothly without a problem and my computer is about 5 years old with some upgrades like 1gb of ram. The rest is from 5 years ago, long time in the computer world. Anyway I just wanted to praise my love for premeire pro 1.5 for helping me find my way and decide to keep windows becuase of this awsome program. David s.
  3. I have my first short doc and I want to have it able to be aired on tv and shown in high school film festivals. Does anyone know where I can get bleeping noise thats standered in the tv world. Thanks david s.
  4. haha those damn penguins. sounds soo cool I feel like penquins are one of the most interesting out there.
  5. I dont know what to think ive seen the articles and what ive got out of them is most of it is probably semistaged like they tell them where to be at what times when they are going someplace. But it still comes off looking good and they said it goes through a whole da vinchi color correction afterwords.
  6. http://www.dsilverstein.com/stonepyro/ff2.jpg Heres the other one I couldnt post.
  7. Do these freeze frames look extra nice for a consumer pansonic camera. I bought for something around 250 it is out of production and it was open box. Anyway the model number is like gs-120 I think. Its 3CCD so it looks ncie just was wondering if you could mistake this to the look of a movie. I plan on getting DVFilm Maker and transfering it to 24p. Comments are appreciated.
  8. Wow must have been a one and a life time expierence. Question though what exactly where you shooting there a movie or a documentry? David S.
  9. Just was wondering becuase I need for a documentry. Repeat of question in descrip. Whats the font they used in closed captioning and stuff like that? Thanks, David S.
  10. Hi, I was wondering what should I do about lighting a doc. on a local teenage rock band almost all int. but maybe some ext. I have those cheap work lights and I have like a single lowell light with a stand should I just use that and a reflector? or just make sure the light is enough and just shoot so it keeps a genuine feeling. Thanks David S.
  11. I would get dvfilm maker and turn it into 24 progressive frames instead of 60i. It will probably help drasticly and depending on your budget its a small price to pay only 150 for a simple to use but effective program I downloaded the sample version that burns the logo into it and it works fast and effciently its much faster then magic bullet which I have at home. The only good thing about magic bullet is the look suites that has custom color correction setups that you can choose and customize.
  12. Im in the middle of it now and its good. I agree with it not looking like Iraq. Its just not the right colors. Maybe should of shot it when the sun was going down. On the scene in the circular tube theres bullet hits and then the next time you see it theres no bullet hits anymore. Ill add to this later but its good acting. Dave PS. The blood doesnt look red enough but you can fix that in post.
  13. I think most people recommend shooting on a lower frame rate instead of the frame mode. The frame mode lowers the framerate but doesnt do full 24p. So when I shoot with a xl1 im going to rent I think im going to do it on the preffered frame rate.
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