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  1. How does one change the shutter angle in the Panavision G2? Thanks!
  2. An AC friend of mine is on set right now and needs to change the shutter angle, but has never done it. Anybody know how to change the shutter angle of the Panavision G2? Thanks!!
  3. I have a shoot coming up that I will be the 2nd AD for, but I'm not quite sure what this job entails. I know this forum is dedicated to cinematography and the more technical aspects of filmmaking, butif any of you have some advice to give, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!! Gino Terribilini
  4. I just went to the AZ Spectrum website- the video "assist" I have is on the top (the non-APEX door)- http://members.aol.com/azspectrum/16blccd.html
  5. I have no idea, Tim.. the guys at AZ Spectrum did the video tap. It used to have a label on there (that marked the On/Off switch, BNC output, etc), but it has since fallen off. I believe the CCD camera and everything are built into the door and the connectors are simply coming out of the side. if you look at this picture, it looks like the door is hollow (different auction). Mine is not like that- it has a metal plate covering the door (where I believe the video tap electronics are). I don't know how it works exactly, but it does. Do you want me to take any other pictures of the camera or video tap in action for you? There was a camera collector from Pasadena who came to look at the camera and said that it was a great camera. The only thing that I did not mention, but is obvious in the pictures is that the little support for the other viewfinder (seen here) is missing. Beyond that, he was impressed with the condition of the lens and the overall condition of the camera.
  6. I haven't gotten much of a response, so I went ahead and listed my camera on eBay. I know it can make people uneasy dealing with so much money without a middleman. Anyway, if you are interested, check it out HERE.
  7. Gino Terribilini


    I'm going to be the AC on my first Moviecam shoot and I was wondering if the Mark 2 is the same as the Compact MK2. And for those of you who have worked with this camera, is there anything I should know about or is it pretty straight forward? Thanks! Gino
  8. Hey guys.. I am going to be purchasing a standard changing tent in the near future and was wondering if anybody would like to purchase my pup tent. It is in pristine condition, but has my last name written on the back side near the bottom . If you are interested, let me know and we will discuss a price. Thanks! Gino
  9. Hey guys Through much deliberation, I have decided to sell my 16BL, but before I threw it up on eBay, I wanted to see if any of you were interested in buying it. I already posted it on Mandy.com's clssifieds, so I will go ahead and post in here what I said in there: Email at: GTerribil@gmail.com
  10. I don't use my camera as often as i'd like and as a result, the battery doesn't get used often either. What is the best way to store the battery? Fully charged? Empty? On the charger, Not on the charger- Does it matter?
  11. Mmm.. I have some things to add... :D Who rigged that follow focus for you? And where can you get a viewfinder like that? And what model is that monitor? Gorgeous setup. Good luck on that auction. Oh, and I want to add a 3x3" Polarizer to the list as well. Thanks guys!
  12. Here is a list of things I plan to get for my Arri 16BL. If you have any parts and want to sell them, email me with a price and we'll set something up. Thanks! - Offset Viewfinder (Periscope Viewfinder) - New Eyepiece with cover - 3x3" Optical Flat - 3x3" ND Filter - 3x3" Enhancer - 400' Magazine(s) - Zeiss Lenses (prime and/or zoom)
  13. I've heard a lot about people changing the shutter angle and what not, but i'm still unclear as to what exactly happens to the image when the shutter angle is changed. Anybody willing to give me a crash-course on this or know of any good online publications describing it in detail? Any help is appreciated.. thanks!
  14. There is a local college getting ready to start shooting their 16mm film projects and I'm wanting to let them use my 16BL, but i'm not sure how much I should charge them. I'd like to give them a good price because they are students and this will be their first film, but I don't want to give it to them for nothing... what do you think would be a fair rate for a day, week and month? The package is pretty basic, but good enough for students- the camera itself with a spotless Angineux 12-120 lens, 2- 400' mags, crystal sync, B&W video tap, and battery.
  15. Is there a way to clean up your audio tracks in Premiere Pro like there is in Final Cut? Where a single track is rendered in place of the segments?
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