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  1. I have a Camex 8 Cellule Reflex with a nonfunctional lightmeter, after some probing around I determined it is drawing current but the galvanometer needle doesn’t move. So thinking maybe it’s stuck or something is come loose or otherwise not working. It may or may not be repairable but I’d at least like to dig in a little bit. It’s not immediately obvious how to open up the camera to get inside and I’d rather not start taking screws out randomly if there’s anything like a service manual (or someone with tips on how to disassemble it safely). Also if someone knows the correct batteries for this camera, I’d be interested to know. The manual just shows 2 button cells with no indicator, and there’s no markings inside the camera or anywhere else. The battery compartment is 16mm in diameter and approx 12.5mm deep, I would assume mercury cells given the time period, this would accommodate 2x PX625 neatly which are 15.5mm x 6mm. I tested with 2x 675 zinc air batteries which also give very close to 1.35v of mercury cells (though with limited lifespan. Thanks and happy shooting !
  2. Thanks Ruben - I actually found someone on a Discord channel I’m on that had taken one apart to remove the pin that walked me through it - it’s very easy ! There are 3 screws to remove the M42 thread mount part, and then two screws to remove the pin mechanism. It all comes comes out very cleanly and neatly and then the aperture ring works normally. Can’t reassemble the lens incorrectly either as the M42 mount only aligns one way. Now it works perfectly on my K3.
  3. Hi - I recently picked up a Zenitar 16mm ostensibly to shoot on a 35mm film camera but I’d also like to use it on my K3. There is a pin that engages the aperture ring and if it’s not depressed then the lens stays wide open. I think I can disassemble the lens and solve this and I’ve seen some other forum threads elsewhere that describe the process but what I’ve found is old info and none of the photos load. If someone has some details on this mod then I’d appreciate it. Attaching a couple of photos to show the issue. Thanks and happy shooting.
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