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  1. I called Canon Cine Pro support and they were very helpful, thanks. We spent a lot of time going over various settings and I was impressed with how patient they were during troubleshooting. Unfortunately, they're also not sure what the issue is and are going to check with the engineers to figure out a solution. They did mention that the problem could be with my cables instead of either monitor or camera--I only have 3G SDI cables, not 12G. If anyone is curious, I made a chart to show what worked and what didn't with the various outputs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jx7RuDDKVd_9ddLGtOXB3DKLES8PstVepYX9GHeAoz8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I usually have the frequency set to 59.94 Hz. But, the output switches to 60fps when I change the frequency to 24.00 Hz, and it switches to 50fps when I change it to 50.00 Hz. I've tested each frequency and cannot get any of them to transmit 23.98fps.
  3. Hi all, I have a C300miii that will only output 59.94fps to my SmallHD 702, even with the camera is recording in 23.98fps. Has anyone else had this issue before? When I started testing this a few days ago, I couldn't get 23.98fps to output on any video out ports. SDI out wouldn't even show a current image--just a freeze frame. I updated the firmware from to hoping that might fix the issue, and it did to a degree. Now my SDI out will transmit 23.98fps video to the SmallHD, but the monitor out and HDMI out will still only transmit 59.98fps. I'm not sure what else to try. Any and all troubleshooting ideas are appreciated! Ruthie
  4. @Stephen Sanchez That sounds pretty close to what my client would need. I'd love to hear the details of how your friend managed to remotely control their Blackmagic cameras!
  5. Hey guys, I have a client who wants to start up a robust YouTube account featuring piano tutorials. By robust, I mean commercial quality. For our last set of videos, we rented a 1-ton grip truck (4K HMI through the window, an astera, an orbiter, several other small lights), four cinema level cameras (a C300miii, two C300mii's, and a C70), and brought in a crew of maybe 11 or so people. He loved the outcome. But, now he would like to upgrade his current equipment to come as close as possible to matching the quality of that production, without needing to hire the extra crew. He'd like a system set up so that he can operate it all himself. He's a pianist--not a techie. So we'd like to make the system as easy to use as possible. I'm trying to find gear that I can connect to a DMX board or something similar so that he can turn everything on from a main control area in his studio. So, the cameras could be recorded remotely from that control area with an Atomos SUMO or something similar, and ideally, the (cinema level) cameras could be turned on and settings adjusted from there as well. I come from a narrative film background. Studio setups aren't exactly my forte, so I'm not sure where to look for something like this. What cameras are out there that can be turned on and controlled via a singular control board? I'd appreciate any suggestions!
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