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  1. Does anyone have experience pushing Tri-X 16mm film with a video link? Specifically pushed +2 if possible
  2. Yea the fisheyes look cool, but they are getting pretty expensive
  3. I just bought a K-3 with the m42 mount and I was wondering if there were any lenses I should consider. I've noticed the variety of lenses available on ebay is slim and you can't get an adapted to use any other lenses.
  4. I was curious about what it would take to make a decent feature film, using film. I know lenses are a huge factor, but what do you all think is the sort of minimum rig to make something that doesn't look totally amatuer or dated? Obviously it would need to be a camera with sound sync/crystal sync and a quiet motor. My guess is something like an ARRI SR2, but maybe I'm wrong. I wanted to get opinions on this.
  5. Has anyone done the Ultra 16 conversion before on a K3? How?
  6. My bad, just saw the Russian Gear forum
  7. Hey, I just ordered a Krasnorogrsk 3 and I'm super excited about it. I know the motor is loud and it's not a crystal sync motor, but is it possible to muffle the noise from the camera so you can record sound separately? I've seen a few videos of people filming their subject from far away to avoid the noise, but has anyone trying wrapping the body of the camera with something to dampen the sound?
  8. The thing that's weird to me, is at time you see the camera flicker into focus. Can that just be from the eye piece being slightly off?
  9. Hey everyone, this is my first post on these forums, so let me know if I need to repost this somewhere else. I'm practicing my Super-8 skills in prep for a short film I'm making. I just recorded what was supposed to be my final test shots to get the settings right, and basically everything was out of focus! What's weird is I specifically measured distance this time (mostly around 1.5 meters) and previously I had shot random stuff in focus without even using the focus ring correctly (at the time I though the numbers were feet, not meters). So, if anyone has an idea what could have gone wrong please take a look at this short clip I made below. The first 33 seconds are the latest clip, with the focus ring used and measured. The later half of the clip is an earlier roll I filmed on with the same aperture but very inaccurate focus setting (even though it's in focus). Both rolls were 500T film. Thanks for any help.
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