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  1. Hi Nathan, Recently, I had a similar answer from a local VFX artist and got the same answer. I'll definitely will do the test before the shoot. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi Brian, Is there any way to recreate it cheaper? I would assume projector is not strong enough and greenscreen is not possible because of the rain? How do you think they shot in the reference I attached? Thanks!
  3. Hi Karim, It should be around 6 pages long for the car, so maybe 6 minutes. I think it would be too much hassle with bonnet mounted camera since I need to finish it in a day and would need several angles. Also it's a bit dangerous since its happening in the city and acting might suffer. Trailer is a solution, but then I have to have more things to worry about. Rain on a moving trailer. I'm also worried that height of the car would increase quite a bit and passing cars would seem lower. Even one trailer I found made for shooting was a bit too high for my taste . Car is moving and since its a cloudy day time scene, I'm not sure about lights inside the car. It can be a bit moody. A bit. I was thinking maybe get car outside. cover it with 20*20 muslin or black. put a green screen on the background and using a water hose create a rain? I'm just worried about green screen and rain. How it would workout together. My main reference is a car sequence in "A rainy Day in New York" by Storaro. It doesn't have to be perfectly real, just pretty since story kind of justifies it in a way(the Film about a daydreamer). I'm trying to understand how they shot it there. I'll let you know what will work for us 🙂 Thanks!
  4. Hello! I will shoot a short film soon and the main action is happening in the car. Basically two people talking. City, car, day, raining. What would be the best way to shoot it? my reference is a scene from "A rainy day in New York" Thanks, Aidar
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