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  1. Thank you David, for the quick response. I hadn't consider using a longer lens to create a 2D feel for the image before. i Based on the director's visual references, I noticed that the shadows are tinted in a reddish-warm tone, which also affects the mid-tones and the highlights to a lesser extent. How do you think this could be achieved in camera? I was thinking of using a black satin filter to lift the blacks and add some subtle warmth to the image (or another tinted diffusion filter). Additionally, I would like to use the Cooke Speed Panchros, to have an organic warm and softness to the image.
  2. Hi, Im working in the look for a shortfilm. The director told me that he wants to recreate the feeling of a specific painting. Besides the obvious things like the quality and direction of light, optics, contrast, colors, and elements of set design, I would like to know what other elements I should consider. Is there a way to reproduce the same colors and feeling of a painting in a cinematographic scene? I understand that the approach to visual design in film varies between cinematographers, and there isn't a correct way to do it. However, I would like to know your perspective on the subject. Thanks.
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