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  1. hi all, Did anybody knows whats the difference between Fuji Eterna500 and Kodak Vison 500T..? don't mess me up simply its an daylight and the Tungsten.. :-) i know that and i want to know more abt the stock details and grains and all abt blablablass.. and if any body used the both stocks for their film just explain whats the budget between them and whats the filming options we must do? .. thankyou.. gopikhannah..
  2. your website is too slow to watch your intro movie over an high speed ADSL line... try to make the video's with less bandwith for easy access.. so you will get more responses to your site..
  3. hi jonathan, this is really weird to download that 33.mb file from the ne.. its ok.. i can make you suggestions to where you cut in that footage.. if you feel better then u can cut it in your own.. does the Clip is having TC inthat? and i want to know what the App you use to edit the footage ? whether its Avid or FCP.. kindly message me.. and you also can get me at yahoo IM .. just message to free2cheer_u@yahoo.com.. i will be available there most of the time.. see ya buddie.. gopikhannah
  4. Dear chezhiyan, i think you better go with Fuji Daylight stocks with a higher ASA more than 500ASA stocks .. it will give you better Colours and gives you Bright and Hi-contrast images and also it needs less color correction and vast filter support if you want..
  5. Hi , this Gopikhannah from india.. i am Having much experience in Films and DV and i am also having overseas experience of TV shoot.. and i am also very much interested to work with Film making Groups world wide .. Basically i am an Scrip writer and Screen writer and having much knowledge of making screeplay's to attractive and Pep.. i have over ten years hands on training in Both Film and DV-Analogue Video Cams.. mostly familiar wit all Modls of Video Cams.. and Specially having much knowledge in AGDVX100 and 102A.. and also i having godd knowledge in Adobe Premiere and Avid and Familiar with FCP and Having my Own Laptop Edit Machine to Edit DV footages.. and also i am very familiar with Mattte Techinques and CG performance.. i am also Having Knowledge in 3DS max and similiar apps.. oops..... i won't like to Blablablabla abt mine.. ;) ;) ;) :D :D :) if you have interested to have a DP from India then i will be glad to came their and work with ur Crew for this project or else contiunes through out the years... if u have in mind to call me to know more abt me then you may call me at ++919841178848 or Mail me at gopikhannah@gmail.com see ya later with love Gopikhannah from India..
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