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  1. FYI Luxan keeps being reccommended to me by other rental houses over there, but I haven't heard from them yet. www.luxan.ch also Megarent (www.megarent.com) seems quite major, but they're in Zurich
  2. Hi All, Anyone know of a decent grip/lighting rental house in Geneva or local area?? Got a crew going out there in May and need to get some quotes together. Many thanks Matt
  3. Hey, thanks to you both, I'll check them out :) Matt
  4. :blink: Looks like you've got a friend for life there Matt :lol:
  5. Looks pretty cool! How have you backed up the rushes, from the Mac as that's the one thing that hasn't grabbed me with P2 yet and that's the total lack of a physical backup on aqusition.
  6. What's the principal behind getting it right? Sounds like something handy to learn, also got any videos of it being used (albeit that you shouldn't notice it! :blink: )? Cheers, Matt :)
  7. Hey Morgan, re the VMI courses.. as I mentioned in my original post... "Due to the level of this course, only experienced Digi Beta camera operators and DOPs should apply." "only experienced film camera operators and DOPs need apply." :( For some reason I didn't notice the NFTS one last time I looked on there tho but unfortunatly "The Freelance rate for this course has been subsidised by Skillset?s Film Skills Fund, in order to qualify for this rate you must have been working predominantly in the ?film sector? of the UK industry for the past two years." and I've been in factual TV, I'll look into it tho thank you :)
  8. Hi all, I'm curious to know where people in England go for their lighting/film/video consumables, specifically things like gels, cinefoil etc. I've come across the Panavision store (have yet to get over there tho) for some stuff, and a few random companies online, but I think there must be at least one major dealer in London somewhere at least, or do u just go to hire companies?? Cheers Matt
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody knows of any short (prob 1-5 days) HD training courses in the UK? I've been browsing SkillSet and a couple of other sites (rental places etc) recently looking for some but all I can find is a proliferation of Z1 courses and any 'proper' HD courses I've come across are only open to experienced DigiBeta/Film operators and DPs. I'm looking for courses that covers the HDCam and/or Varicam (and Pro100) and that will offer a good grounding into shooting on these cameras. (NB: I shoot on DSR-570 so not completely unfamiliar with the form factor) Any pointers would be greaty appreciated and if they're subsidised for freelancers that's even better ;) Many thanks Matt
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politeness http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manners :blink:
  11. Hi all, I have just been given a Quarz 5, standard(regular/single)-8 camera, bonanza! :) Now if I remember my lessons correctly, std8 is basically 16mm stock run through the camera twice, once each way, each time using half the film. Correct? After having a brief look online for stock (in the UK), I've found one place that sells B&W 8mm stock (http://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/cine.php#std), but that's it, so I was wondering if I could use pretty much any variety of 16mm neg/rev film?? If so, brill, but with that I presume I would need to go to a Soho lab to get it developed, and ten would they even deal with std8?!? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) Cheers Matt
  12. That's probably the funniest thing I've read today, just goes to prove how absurd the concept of "political correctness" has got. And how blatantly stupid some people can be. :lol:
  13. Once again, thanks for your comments guys!!! :) Matt
  14. Hi Greg, Thanks for the HUGE posts!! ;) before I answer what i can, I forgot to mention that the rushes were desaturated and cropped in FCP. The XL1 shot in colour (can you get the viewfinder b&w???) and we worked to 16:9 framing guides. Lens = standard 16x Canon (XL 5.4-86.4MM), unfortunatly in my infintie wisdom I forgot to run off any log sheets and thus didn't note the poxy stop! :angry: The low angle shot relates to the 2-shot where she's holding his arm, he's got up to walk away from the conversation and she's stopping him, the camera is just off to the left of her (on the pic there's a small part of her face, bottom right, just outside the safe area). I do like this shot, although looking at it I think maybe there should be a shallower DoF, throwing the celing out of focus?? The profile shadow on the wall, at the time we thought looked quite good, we did shoot a bit with the Actress conversing with the shadow, not sure if it works for this scene. I used two lights for this because of the 2-shot conversation setup, one key for each actor, we could have done with some bouce for fill I think, but because of the noir feel required, I'm trying to figure out the whole shadows over light thing. The camera was tripod mounted at all times, so I'm interested to know why it appears handheld to you. The test was shot 25fps and the 'real' shoot probably will be as well (because of using Z1). Hi Dimitrios, I'm guessing what you're saying here is the lights (on Amber for example) should've been further round behind her, as it's currently lighting her too much from the side?? Also I thought I was overexposed and that was bad?? Would moving the light further round, direct less light onto the wal?? Thankyou both for you comments :)
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