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  1. Wow! Great forum. I'll try "blacklighting". After trying aluminum foil I thought anything shinny would have hot spots. It makes sense that black wouldn't. Using flat black basically worked but I couldn't get enough exposure even with 15 frames a second. David Digitally erasing the reflection in post? I didn't think of that and I might need to do that although I don't want to go to the expense if I don't have to. (even if it's just my time with a NLE) You're right, the camera does show in the pupils but that happens to fit the story so I don't need to put it in shadow (another great idea). I think I understand about the Christmas tree ornament. Really, I'm not trying to hide the light source, I'm trying to make it so uniform over the eye that it isn't noticeable. I'm trying to get the "true" color of the iris or at least a sense of it. I realize that in a sense we don't see an object itself we the light it reflects. I should mention the camera has to be three feet from the actors and I can't have any shadows on the face. So if I used a single direct light I would have to put it close to the actor to avoid shadow from the camera. I think the actor would go nuts after awhile and it will be many hours of shooting like this.
  2. How can I get as much indirect lighting as possible in an 8X8 room? I need to be able to do a close up on an actors eye and not see any light source or anything in the room reflected in the actors eyes. I've tried covering the room with flat white cloth but that shows in the eyes. I've tried covering the room with flat black cloth. That doesn't reflect in the eyes, at least it's not noticeable, but that sucks up too much light. Currently I'm using 8 55 watt fluorescent lights (= 250 watts incandescent). Fluorescent is preferred to keep the room cool. I've only seen what I need accomplished in the movie THX 1138. There it was done in a large room with recessed lighting pointing at a domed ceiling. I'm stuck with the 8X8 room, however. Any ideas will be appreciated.
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