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Found 6 results

  1. I currently own a K-3 16mm camera that came with 5 ND filters. I'm trying to label them for shooting purposes, but there are no instructions on how to identify which filter is for what purpose. Does anyone know how to label them properly? Nathan
  2. So recently i picked up an old Bell and Howell 16mm Magazine Camera from 1951. Let me be the first to say this camera does NOT look its age and i've been wanting to try it out. Generally i don't buy unless the cameras have a case and the instructions, but this one was so cheap i picked it up anyhow. I've been looking around online for possibly an instructions manual or any film since i purchased the camera without. I know next to nothing about it and was hoping someone could help me out. Sidenote: By some coincedence i do have a 16mm old projector that still works Any help/ideas/anything is totally welcome!
  3. Hello everybody, I'm reading the Arri 416 camera manual and I'm running into some terms that I do not kno wthe meaning of. One of them is the Hirschmann clamp, what is it and what's its function? It's said that it's used to "replace fibre screens and the field lens" but I do not know what it means. Thanks so much in advance for te help, Davide
  4. Located in Los Angeles Vintage - 16 MM Arriflex film camera with footage counter Build in West Germany - BL 54085 Hand mount Mounted with Angenieux lens f. 9.5 - 95 mm zoom 1:22 no. 1368423 Built in France. 1 - 400 ft film magazine 1 - follow focus 1 - Matte box 1 - Crystalok Camera speed controller, model CRBL - 5 from Cinema Products, LA Foam fitted Anvil Case 27" by 22" by 10" Camera is used and operational the last time used. Personal camera of Emmy award winning cinematographer, Robert Collins Sold as is and without any expressed warranties. $1500.00 Available for viewing nancybevins@gmail.com Several Photos at Craiglist listing: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/pho/4323599700.html
  5. Hello, I am selling NEW rolls of 16 & 35 mm FUJIFILM that we received early April for a shooting that took place this summer. Since we bought them with a significative discount, we did not have a return option. The following are available for purchase: 17 rolls of 16 mm ETERNA VIVID 160 are available at a unit price of 65 € + Shipping 11 rolls of 35 mm ETERNA VIVID 250D are available at a unit price of 110 € + Shipping These rolls have been stored in a cold and dry place. They can be picked up in Brussels or shipped at your location. A more detailed listing including pictures for these film rolls can be found on Ebay: http://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/NEW-FUJIFILM-35mm-ETERNA-VIVID-250D-122m-400-feet-ARRI-AATON-KODAK-/111182279217?pt=FR_JG_Photo_Camescopes_Cameras&hash=item19e2faf231 http://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/NEW-FUJIFILM-16mm-ETERNA-VIVID-160-122m-400-feet-ARRI-AATON-KODAK-/111182279220?pt=FR_JG_Photo_Camescopes_Cameras&hash=item19e2faf234&_uhb=1 If have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Rolls can be bought online though Ebay or directly by contacting me. :) Jonathan
  6. I just bought krasnogorsk-3 and while i'm waiting for it to arrive i started to search for some data about it. To be quick here are the two main questions that i can't find any reliable answer to: 1. When did the production of k3 start and when did it end (- i guess with the collaps of ussr)? 2. Are there any movies that were shot with k3 (- i'll have to wait for a week or two until it arrives from Russia to Croatia, so i would like to watch some movie filmed with k3)? Sorry if there's already a post that answers this questions, i went through a lot of posts about k3 but i couldn't find anything.
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