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Found 4 results

  1. Arri 35-3 Body 4-perf PL Mount $8750 (Indiana, USA) (4) Standard 400 ft magazines (2) Shoulder 400 ft magazines C.E. Crystal High Speed base Handgrip with trigger Internal battery (brand new uninstalled) Flight cases Body and mags have been completely CLA'd. This kit is single owner and in great condition. More accessories available (Jergen's door, SD tap, etc) if interested. View full kit here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/tnhnw7l7ivm92fok68gbq/h?rlkey=v3do7ou8u0x8eplwoqeykp4q6&dl=0
  2. Contact me with any questions and/or to receive pictures. Aaton 35-3 Camera Package = $10,000 Includes: - Aaton 35-3 Camera Body - 4/Perf Movement - Adjustable Mirror Shutter - ACAD + TVTRANS + TV Safe Ground Glass - PL Mount - PV Mount - Top Handle - Pitch & Mirror Shutter Adjusting Tools - NTSC Video Sync Assist - Aaton Code - OriginCplus Controller - Aaton Eyepiece - Aaton Eyepiece Extension - (4) 400-ft. Magazine - Handgrip w/Mini-Rod Bracket - Set of Threaded Front Mini-Rods (15mm) - Wooden Handgrip - Arriflex Bridge Plate (15mm) - Arriflex Sliding Base Plate - Set of Long Iris Rods (15mm) - (3) 12v Ni-Cad On-Board Battery - NEED TO BE RECELLED - PAG Micromaster Fast Charger w/AC Cable - Battery Charger Cable - (4) Camera Power Cables - BNC Video Power Cables - Raincover - Flight Cases Arriflex 535B Camera Package = $10,000 Includes: - 535B Camera Body - 4/Perf Movement - NTSC Color Video Assist - Camera Handle Grip System - Arriflex F-2 Swing-Over Finder - Wide Angle Eyepiece - Wide Angle Eyecup - Arriflex FE-3 Finder Extension - Arriflex EL-3 Eyepiece Leveler - (2) 400-ft M-11 Magazine - (3) 1000-ft M-10 Magazine - (5) Magazine Loop Protector - Arriflex BP-3 Bridge Plate (15mm) - Sliding Base Plate - Set of Long Iris Rods - (2) IVS Power Cable - (2) Camera Power Cable - Flight Cases
  3. Two ground glasses for sale. For use with an Arri 2C, 3C, 35-3 film cameras or Kish UDF or other Dir/Find that uses this type of ground glass. $200 for both OR: $150 for the one with the metal handle (in slightly nicer condition) with Academy 1.85 and what looks like Academy 4x3 (common sides). In blue ARRI jewel case. $100 for the one without handle (a couple of tiny blemishes, visible in photos), marked with Academy 1.85 and a "TV" that is not common sides or top/bottom. The 1.85 marking is the dominant marking on this one. Both have tiny chips outside of the picture area. Both have center cross-hair. Located in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks for looking.
  4. I have for sale four Arri groundglasses. These are standard glasses, so from memory will fit a IIC or a 35III - but others might be able to put me straight on that. They're also great for many viewfinders, including the Kish UDF. 1. 'TV' (4:3) with mounting bracket. In excellent condition. 2. Another 4:3, no mounting bracket, some pencil marks where it has been marked up in a mystery ratio. Tiny mark bottom right, very clean otherwise. 3. 1:1.85, marked up to 16:9 (?) A chip on one side from bad handling, but it doesn't encroach into the picture area. Good for a viewfinder, or general use. No scratches/marks otherwise. 4. Probably a 4:3 but has been taped to 16:9 at some point. Apart from the tape residue (easily removed) it's in excellent condition too. Each one has a case - happy to sell separately or as a set, pickup or post. The going rate seems to be $150 (AUD) each, and $100 for the one with the mark. They're eyewateringly expensive new. But let's talk - I'm happy to negotiate for a package deal, or if these prices seem out of whack. Postage will be from Melbourne, Australia. Cheers, Jonathan. ( ** I only seem to be able to upload images of 2 of them - message me for more images **)
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