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Found 2 results

  1. $32,000 Arri Maxima Itemized Kit List Vibration Isolator 1-Wrench 1-Low Profile Mitchell Tie-Down 1-Large Washer 1-Nut Maxima QL 1-Arri Maxima MX30 QL Gold Mount 1-Top Holder fo Maxima QL 1-Mounting Plate for Maxima QL 1-Arri Pan Lock for Maxima MX30 QL 1-Mitchell Mount for Spider 4-Mitchell Mount Screws 4-Arri Cone for Spider 1-Arri Cone Receiver for Spider 1-Arri Top Handle for Maxima QL 1-FoMa Systems Maxima Remote 1-Foma Systems Antenna for Maxima Remote 1-Arri SAM-3 Stabilizer Adapter Mount 1-Arri Stabilizer Plate 1-Arri Long QL Plate 1-Arri Short QL Plate 1-FoMa Maxima Baseplate 1-989gm Weight 1-326gm Weight 1-159gm Weight 1-96gm Weight 4-1 1/2" to 1 1/4" Speed Rail Shim 2-Speed Rail Shim 1-Cinemilled Maxima Tie Down Washer 1-Cinemilled Maxima Tie Down 1-1 1/2" Speed Rail Clamp 1-1 1/4" Sped Rail Clamp 2-Maxima Hoist 1-Microsoft Surface Go 1-Microsoft Surface Go Protective Case 1-Arri Tie Down for Mitchell Mount for Spider 2-Arri RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket 1-Assorted Spare Screws and Parts 2-DJI Ready Rig Quick Connect 2-Alexa Mini / Amira Power Cable 2-12v 4-Pin XLR Power Cable 1-Alexa 2-Pin Fischer 1-Surface Go AC Power Charger 2-Surface Go USB-C to USB Mini 4-Instruction Manuals 1-Klein Tools Torx T10 PLC Wheels 1-PLC Wheels Tilt Module 1-PLC Wheels Pan Module 1-PLC Wheels Roll Module 1-PLC Wheels Power Switch 1-PLC Wheels Mounting Plate 1-PLC Wheels Battery Plate 1-PLC Wheels Radio for Maxima 1-Antenna for Maxima Radio 1-PLC Wheels Spektrum DM8 2.4 Ghz Radio for Movi 1-PLC Wheels Futaba TM-8 2.4 Ghz Radio for Ronin 1-PLC Wheels USB Serial Data Cable 1-PLC Wheels Spare P-Tap Power Cable 4-PLC Wheels Interconnect Cable 1-PLC Wheels Mitchell Tie Down PLC Wheels 75mm Tie Down Ready Rig 1-Ready Rig Vega Vest With Lumbar Support Upgrade 1-Ready Rig Left Shoulder 1-Ready Rig Right Shoulder 1-Ready Rig Wrist Support Straps 1-Ready Rig Carrying Bag 2-Ready Rig Adjustable Telescoping Arms
  2. I am selling a brand new Allsteady-7 3 axis gimbal (from TurboAce). It was bought last year, has only been tested 2 times (works flawlessly). I am selling it because for the past year i have devoted my time to photography, thus no longer being in need of some tools that just lye around the house. for details on what it does exactly (it is basically a heavy duty gimbal): http://www.turboace.com/allsteady7.aspx it comes with 2 batteries, charger, monitor arm and balance stand. The item is located in Bucharest, Romania. So i would prefer to sell it in Europe (i guess it would be more convenient for the buyer too). price is 3600$ + transport fees (keep in mind it is new).
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