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Found 7 results

  1. O'Connor 2575D Tripod Systems w/CineHD standards & babies & 2 two sets of spreaders (no cases) - Purchased brand new within the last 2 years ago regularly serviced and in very good condition Package comes with: O'Connor 2575D Head O'Connor Touch and GO Plate O'Connor Europlate O'Connor Panhandle O'Connor CineHD Standard Sticks O'Connor CineHD Baby Sticks (2) Sets of O'Connor Floor Spreaders All purchases comes with a checkout period to verify the equipment is not misrepresented in any way. If you have any questions and interested in this tripod I have more pictures please contact me by Phone/Text 917-499-9596 or email barbara@newprovideo.com My website www.newprovideo.com
  2. For Sale ARRI ALEXA Mini Asking $34,000.00 1382 Hours Besides the regular camera pkg. this camera comes with a few extra's If you are interested in this or have other equipment you are looking for or want to sell, you can call text or email me or PM me on here. TEL. 800-462-8895 TEXT 917-499-9596 EMAIL barbara@newprovideo.com Comes with Arri AMIRA/MINI MVF-1 EVF/LCD Arri Amira/ Alexa Mini Titanium PL LDS Mount w/ LBUS Connector 2-Arri Alexa Mini/ Mini LF MSB-1 Side Bracket 2-Arri Mini/ Mini LF MAP-2 w/ LWS Rod Support Arri MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket Arri BPA-4 Bridgeplate Adapter for Alexa Mini Arri BAP-1 Battery Adapter Plate Arri CSP-1 Compact Shoulder Pad Arri CCH-2 Center Camera Handle 2-Arri RMB-3 19mm Rod Mounting Brackets 2-Arri Alexa Mini/ Mini LF MAP-1 LW Adapter Plate Wooden Camera A-Box for Alexa Mini Arri KC153-S 10' Ethernet Cable Arri AMIRA/ Alexa mini Power Cable for KC50-S Arri EXT-RS Adapter Wooden Camera D-Tap to Alexa Mini Wooden Camera Mini 4-pin XLR to Full 4-pin XLR Omega Shipping Case for Arri AMIRA/MINI 6-SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB CFast 2.0 Card 515MB/s 2-Arri 15mm Reduction Insert Wooden Camera 3-pin XLR to Alexa Mini XLR 4-pin DC Cable 10' Power Supply 24V w/ AC Cord Wooden Camera D-Box Plus w/ AB back for Alexa Min
  3. Sony CineAlta 4K Set PL-mount 6 lenses. 20mm T. 2.0 25mm T2.0 35mm T2.0 50mm T2.0 85mm T2.0 135 mm T2.0 The lenses are very little used and in very good condition. To get acquainted with their characteristics, look at the links below. Price 8500 Eur Contact: idproductional@gmail.com
  4. CAMERA IS NEW IT HAS ONLY 15HRS OF OPERATIING TIME, IT COMES WITH ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES. CAMERA 1 ARRI Alexa LF Camera Body with LPL Lens Mount & Cap 1 ARRI Top Camera Center Handle CCH-4 1 EVF Electronic Viewfinder for Alexa 1 EVF Mounting Bracket 1 EVF Extension Bracket 1 ARRI BP-13 Bridge Plate 15mm Sliding Baseplate 1 ARRI Dovetail For Sliding Baseplate 12" Inch 2 15mm rods 10 Inch MEDIA 1 SxR Adapter for Alexa 1 SxS Adapter for Alexa 2 SxR Capture Drives 2TB w/ Cases 1 SXR Card Reader Codex 1 Cable: Thunderbolt 1 Cable: Card Reader to AC Power 1 SanDisk 64GB SD Card CABLES 1 EVF Cable (KC 150-S) 1 ARRI 4-PIN XLR to 2-PIN LEMO 12V Cable -3ft 1 24V 3-PIN XLR to @ PIN FISCHER Cable - 10ft AC POWER 1 XLR 3pin to AC Power Box Cameo 24V/220W LENS ADAPTER 1 Lens Adapter LPL to PL Mount ARRI WIRELESS RECEIVER SET 1 Arri WVR-1 1 Arri MIA-1 Bracket 1 Cable: USB to Micro USB 1 Cable: Power Box to 3pin female 1 Cable: 2pin to Edison
10 Antenna Rx TX for Alexa LF & Receiver BATTERY ADAPTERS Wooden Camera 24V Sharkfin battery bracket for Alexa LF (V-Mount) ARRI LF CASE Case for ARRI ALEXA LF FILTERS Arri Alexa SFND Filters full set with case. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. Email- seebeyondusa@gmail.com NOTE: THE LENS IN THE PICTURES IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE
  5. Arri Alexa Ev kit for sale, open to trade woth red epic w plus cash Travel case Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-3 2 x EVF Cables Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) Wedge Adaptor (WA-1) ALEXA High Speed License Key ALEXA Anamorphic De-squeeze License Key ALEXA DNxHD License Key 3x 32GB SxS card 1x 128 GB SXS card SD card ALEXA Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable (3.00/9.8ft) KC153-S ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable KC 154-SP-S Handle Extension Block (HEB-2) Shoulder Pad (SP-4) Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-3 Viewfinder Cable Medium Bridge Plate Adapter (BPA-12) Leveling Block (LB-1) Battery Adapter Back for Gold Mount (BAB-G) Hours: 1800 In August the camera was fully updated to latest version and has been newly calibrated. This was done in Arri Munich and I can send you all documentation for this. Price €.11.000
  6. Selling Arri Alexa Plus Camera with 16x9 sensor ProRes +; DNxHD+; 120 High Speed Licenses Operating hours: 1577 (as of 07/13/17) Year of manufacture 2013 Current Firmware is 11.131779 Comes with Innerspace Case for ALEXA Body with Accessories Asking $35,000 (USD) ​Is interested please e-mail to Skrypka.anna@gmail.com Thank you.
  7. Hey guys, I'm a DP in LA but I also founded a company called ShareGrid, where filmmakers can rent gear to each other with integrated insurance. For our blog, I host interviews with filmmakers from our community about their experiences and we just recently released our newest series with DP, Jas Shelton (Keanu, Togetherness, The Stanford Prison Experiment). VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaCcqdDN6m8F1evAkIl54Bz-ZTsw-7Fqc I would love for you guys to check it out. There's some valuable insight as Jas talks about how he became a DP out of film school, shooting with the Duplass Brothers, managing a crew, having a positive attitude on set and his visual strategy on his newest feature, Keanu (Key and Peele). I hope everyone enjoys the series and finds it helpful!
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