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Found 5 results

  1. Looking to buy: 1. Elmo C-300 with the DS-8 Magazine back and eyepiece extender, etc. 2. A Konvas 2M Lens and Magazines (OCT/OST-19 Mount); Looking for a decent used lens to start me off and some used magazines, don't have to be in great condition. 3. A battery charger for the Scoopic MS 12v battery. Thanks for reading/replying to my post.
  2. Looking for Canon Scoopic MS adapter with drive belt and roller for 400 ft. mags. Preferrably in good working condition.
  3. Comrades, I have some footage I shot that I would like to add sound too but I am totally baffled as to how to do it. When it comes to Final Cut Pro I am a total neophyte. I shot using a Canon Scoopic MS. I shot it on 24fps. I then got my footage processed and then transferred to HD 1080 @ Pro Res. I recorded audio from the day using a ZOOM H4N but it my stupidity I forgot to put the windscreen on my H4N, so the audio footage has a lot of what I call blow-outs from the wind. I asked my friend to re record all the songs from that day and I have all the songs re-recorded. The problem I am running into is how to sync the footage with the newly recorded audio. I should of gotten my camera modified by the film group to shot shoot crystal sync but at the time I could not afford it. The 24 fps marking on the Sccopic MS is probably not exactly 24, correct? However once I got my footage digitally transferred to HD wouldn't the frame rate change? Basically I am asking how can I change the footage frame rate in FCP so that I can match it up with my audio? Also what are some basic tips/things to do when editing film transferred to HD on FCP? Like for instance: getting rid of the edges that show the perfs so that I just get the (4:3) box? On some of my transfers I get a little beyond the pert, so I get a sliver of white, I am sure I can crop it out but I do not know how to do this operation :( Can I enhance my footage, perhaps make it look sharper? Lower the grain/noise ( I got good exposures. I figure ask anyway.) Can I play with the colors? My main goal is to sync the audio with the footage. I almost matched the audio with the footage but it comes undone at some point and then is out of sync. I did this in the crudest manner just by moving the audio to the point where the musician starts playing the guitar. I normally edit in camera( i started out using super8 and really dig the straight8 thing but I now I ready to actually EDIT). I plan on learning how to edit the original way, splicing and taping/glue/film cement my film but I acquired some computer programs and really need to learn how to use them, I also plan on taking some courses in the various programs (after effects/fcp x/ compressor/etc). For now I figure I come here and ask. Please excuse my ignorance/stupidity. here is rundown of my gear used and available: Canon Scoopic MS 16mm camera *unmodified Regular 16mm* non-crystal sync ( not for long, like i mentioned earlier I plan on sending my camera to get the crystal sync mod) Final Cut Pro X Compressor Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition I got the film processed over at PacLab digitized at DiJiFi I just acquired these programs as a gift but I am computer illiterate. Sincerely, Rudy
  4. Can one put a matte box on: a K3, Kinor 16mm and/or Scoopic MS? Do I need to know a particular thread size. Forgive me if this is a dumb question Also can one load short ends that are under 400ft into a 400ft magazine, so say for example a 290ft short end into a 400ft magazine?
  5. This is my scoopic ms set up on my tripod and with a few brackets holding my zoom h4n and chinon super 8 boom mic. question1: what do you think of this set up? question2: what type of PX battery would one of these Chinon super8 boom mics take? question3: I have currently two sylvania sun guns(models 1 & II) how would I go about setting up these two powerful lights to provide light for my shoots. Is it safe to put a some shower curtain cloth over the light ( at least 6 inches away, from powerful light) to act as a diffuser. Is is possible to mount these lights to tripods, they have some screw threads and brackets . What type of lighting effect would result if I attached one of my sun guns to were I have the Chinon boom mic in the photos listed. I think i will post a picture of this later, to clarify. Question 4: This MS is un modified by The Film Group so no crystal sync..Has or Does anyone have used a scoopic with a Crystal sync, if so, how does it effect the noise the camera makes while filming. Although my camera is un modified to do crystal sync sound I will do a test to see if I can record anything I film, with my zoom h4n, and or depending if I get a battery my zoom h4n and chinon boom mic. Hopefully I will be able to find a battery for the Chinon and conduct a test with it in conjunction with my Zoom H4N. I would how good those boom mics were? I plan on using something like Audacity to perhaps remove the noise of the camera running film in w/e I record. As for the recording itself..at the moment it will probably be an interview, conducted either on the street with a lot of noise and/or in a very quiet room were the only noise will be from my interview and the noise of my camera. Do you think I will be able to strip the noise my camera makes while running film from my actual audio from my shoot? also if anyone has a 400ft adapter I am in the market for one ;D
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