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  1. Yeah so I got the test footage back, cracked mirror has no effect at all on the film, it looks fine. There could be a little more flicker in the viewfinder, no big whoop. I did get a mirror (not expensive) which does match the existing cracked mirror, shouldn't be much of a problem replacing it if and when it is neccessary. In other words, take any of these so-called "experts" advice with a grain of salt.
  2. PL adapter mounted wrong way on lens, inserted lens, ran camera, cracked mirror. After I adjusted the mount I had no problem, I went ahead and ran a test roll of film and the camera ran perfectly. As for the film, I should get it back next week. Should be interesting;)
  3. Here are the mirrors, the one on the left is from the sr3, the one on the right is a potential replacement. The mirror itself is detachable so the question is if the mirror is compatible as a replacement mirror for the sr3 At least I would have the part, then I could look for a tech to do the job..
  4. Dom Jaeger, I certainly would not attempt to replace the mirror myself, but I was speaking in terms of parts. Do you know if the sr2 mirror is compatible with the sr3 mirror? Only the mirror itself, not the shutter mechanism it sits on.
  5. I cracked the mirror shutter on my SR3 and have been having a hell of a time trying to find a new one. I did locate an SR2 mirror shutter so I thought I might be able to take off the mirror and replace the cracked SR3 mirror. I'm not talking about the whole mechanism, just the mirror. Does anyone know if those two mirrors are compatible? They appear to be the same, but I've had difficulty finding exact specs on either.
  6. Looking for Canon Scoopic MS adapter with drive belt and roller for 400 ft. mags. Preferrably in good working condition.
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