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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, Looking to gain some insight on a rigging setup for an upcoming shoot. I have a project soon where we're going to be filming some skateboarders, probably from a pickup truck. My goal is to able to both lead them and track behind them, without having to put the truck in reverse. Trying to achieve smooth motion and would love to get low for some of the shots. I was chatting with a DP (Steve Annis) about the rig they utilized for this video: Here is the info I got from him: -all filmed out the back of a pick up truck with vibration isolator and tango head -for tracking shots: small wooden low platform on the front supported by scaff bars with Boss plate fitting He wasn't able to provide any set photos of the second rig. Does anyone have any pics of something similar? Haven't had any luck online. Just trying to wrap my head around it. Going to also reach out to a couple key grip's I've worked with. Also any idea of what this could be done for budget-wise would be helpful. Budget is low but most of it will go towards a good, safe rig to execute some of these shots. Thank you! -Ben Joyner Some frame grabs from the video:
  2. Hello, I'm a new cinematography student and I'll be shooting part of my next project on 16mm film. This will be the first time I'm using film on an arriflex SRII, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice or tips for shooting on 16mm like good practices, metering, bracket testing, etc. I'm very new to this experience so any kind of tips or advice would be greatly appreciated it. Mahalo, Robert
  3. Dear Cinematographers Here is a rare opportunity to own a Real Hydraulic camera dolly as seen in many Hollywood Making OF. This camera dolly is a rare one of a kind JL Fisher 10 replica, it mounts a jib that smoothly lifts your camera in the air for stunning Boom Up/Down camera movements. The jib is hydraulic driven. It comes fitted with outdoor wheels and it features three steering modes: forward wheels, back wheels, crab mode as the professional ones. The steering mode is easily handled by a push/pull system on the steering bar, again as the professional ones. It is suitable for Sync Sound production since it runs extremely quiet, it is fitted with an electric pump driven by a common 12V Battery car that stays in a box over the dolly itself. It has also two valves to adjust/limit the Up/Down speed movements. One charge is suitable for about 5/6 up/down movements (depending on speed limits also) The dolly weights about 300Kg, so it is perfectly smooth and stable, perfect for professional use with either light or complex heavy camera set up. This baby comes to you ready to handle your next movie project, it has served me very well over the years but i can't reach to stock it any longer due to new upcoming devices, so time to look for a new house for it. Asking a figure around € 16.000,00# but willing to consider your best offer for this. Shipping all over the world. (shipping costs included crate to be estimated based on address delivery) Buyers are welcome to visit us in Milan area (Italy) to inspect and try it out. Please feel free to get in touch for any further information. Adv placed also on different website.
  4. Any dolly grips that have used the new Hybrid 4: Let us know what you think. Dollygrippery.com is looking for some reviews of the new dolly. Write it up and email it to dollygrippery at gmail dot com. We'll publish it under your name or anonymously if you like.
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