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  1. Hey everyone, I apologize if this topic has already been exhausted in previous threads. I'm looking for examples of pull processing for an upcoming project. A few came to mind but I want to continue building a reference library as I prep. If you know of any films/examples please let me know! B
  2. thanks for the help guys! JD - the issue is we'll be at a decent speed and I don't know if it's safe to drive behind them in reverse. want to get forward moving tracking shots
  3. Hey guys, Looking to gain some insight on a rigging setup for an upcoming shoot. I have a project soon where we're going to be filming some skateboarders, probably from a pickup truck. My goal is to able to both lead them and track behind them, without having to put the truck in reverse. Trying to achieve smooth motion and would love to get low for some of the shots. I was chatting with a DP (Steve Annis) about the rig they utilized for this video: Here is the info I got from him: -all filmed out the back of a pick up truck with vibration isolator and tango head -for tracking shots: small wooden low platform on the front supported by scaff bars with Boss plate fitting He wasn't able to provide any set photos of the second rig. Does anyone have any pics of something similar? Haven't had any luck online. Just trying to wrap my head around it. Going to also reach out to a couple key grip's I've worked with. Also any idea of what this could be done for budget-wise would be helpful. Budget is low but most of it will go towards a good, safe rig to execute some of these shots. Thank you! -Ben Joyner Some frame grabs from the video:
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to gain some more insight from some other freelance DPs on registering as a single member LLC. Mainly what the advantages are, your experiences, or if there are other entity options, (i.e: sole proprietorship, etc) that i should be considering. I have recently become a full-time freelancer and am looking into the best options for me come tax season. I'm not local 600 (hopefully soon,) not sure if union status makes a difference though. Thank you! -Ben Joyner
  5. here it is.. 2x junior triple headers and cardellinis... a little sketchy with running power and everything but did the trick
  6. Thanks for the help guys! Ended up rigging something together with a couple junior triple headers and cardellinis. worked great!
  7. Hey guys, So I'm trying to find one of these to rent for a shoot in Savannah, GA: http://modernstudio.com/pipe-spinning-gag-58/ I've also attached a couple set photos of something similar in use during one of Alex Buono's workshops. The local rental house doesn't have it and the guys at modern studio haven't gotten back to me yet. Does anyone know of a rental house in the southeast or anywhere in the US that would ship it for me? Also -- I'm pretty sure all of those units are running to a central battery via D-tap. Am I right about that? If so I would also need a d-tap splitter to power all of the units right? Thanks so much! -Ben J
  8. Hey guys, Just wanted to see if anyone's shot on the Cooke Crystal (Xtal) Express anamorphics before. Considering them for an upcoming job. It's between them and the Cineovisions. I've used the Cineovisions before and had a great experience with them, but was thinking about trying these crystals out. Panavision has a few more focal lengths available as opposed to their cineovision package which is a plus because this is a multicam gig. Thanks! Appreciate the help -Ben J
  9. Great, thanks guys! Gonna test them out and see how they look. Seems like a steal for $2300, although they are pretty beaten up and the optics on the 28 look a little rough. Might need to get them serviced.
  10. Hey guys, a guy in town is offering to sell this set of (heavily used) vintage primes for $2300. He's not sure what they are, they were given to him. They look to me like maybe old zeiss standard speeds, or something similar. Can anyone tell me what they are? Trying to figure out if it would be a steal to snag these. Specs: 28mm t2.2 35mm t2.2 50mm t2.3 75mm t2.2 (see attached image) Thank you!
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