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Found 5 results

  1. hi guys! I have a question about shooting a specific scene in wich a over-the-top fashionable lady will appear at a garden party, and after she catches the eyes of everyone participating, she gets attacked by a pigeon - she'll be wearing a big overdecorated hat that the bird is supposed to mistake for a nest(ha-ha). Now, the bird will be CG, this turned out to be the best option. the whole scene will look as if it's shot by one of the invitees- via smartphone. This being my fist project involving CG, i'm pretty unsure of the elements that I need to address. So I was thinking that after we get the clean shot, the hat will need to be shot independently on a blue screen, also some of the decorative elements of the hat will need to be shot independently so that they could be layered on top of the pigeon that lands on the hat. markers/trackers will need to be added. I'm deffinately missing things I must be doing, so any inpunt on the matter will be of great help to me. Thank you! B.
  2. Hello, I need to do a chroma key shoot which will be composited in post. The studio has a white background. Currently my plan is to use CTO gels to light the subject and set the white balance to the white background which will be lit with CTB gels. Then set the exposure of the white background to 100%. Will this work in post? Cheers.
  3. Hello all, I know it's very difficult to get a good key with footage coming from a DSLR due to the 4:2:0 compression, soft edges, etc. I'm currently shooting church announcements videos on a black background, but I'd like to start using a green screen if possible. Right now, I'm using a 60D with a Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens. I will be using Premiere Pro CC and AE CC in post. Is there any way to accomplish this using my current setup? Thanks in advance.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgu9uo2UpPg How did they shoot this hardware video? I know it's live action hardware with hands but how did they rig it and make everything white? I really like to hear all ideas out there. Thanks
  5. Hello, I've been reading various forum posts and articles on chroma keying, but I've gotten a bit stuck on the issue of shadows. I know it's preferable to not have any, but what can you get away with? Below are links to photos of my set, which is a circular room currently painted (badly) white, and lit by 8 fluorescent lights that sit evenly around the top of the circular wall. It's essentially a time-slice / bullet-time setup, with 8 cameras capturing the same action from different viewpoints. I want to paint the whole room with chroma key green to isolate the performer, but I'm worried that the faint shadows cast by the performer will cause me problems. The performer will be wearing a black and white costume. http://www.flickr.com/photos/narenwilks/9117291805/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/narenwilks/9119513436/ Now I'm assuming that there is some leeway regarding shadows, judging by some of the things I've seen online, most notably this photo of Keanu Reeves on the Matrix set: http://ralph-dte.eu/files/2011/02/matrix_chroma_key.jpg But how much leeway? My cameras are stationary, and the lighting is constant. Any help would be great appreciated! Many thanks, Naren http://www.naren.co.uk
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