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Found 6 results

  1. Hi folks -- I'm working on a nighttime project next month and hoping to use my snazzy Eumig 125XL because of its very fast lens. I've previously only shot reversal outdoors in the daytime with the camera, this'll be my first time trying the T500 on super 8 at night in dark conditions. My main question is this: the camera has an autoexposure system, no manual option, and the camera of course predates 500T -- so -- is there something I need to do/know to make sure it opens up as much as possible when necessary? There's a button to add "+1 gain" which I think I'll always use, but otherwise, it seems to me that aside from backlight issues, the camera should just detect low light and peg it. Any advice on this? Thanks!! G
  2. This is a Very Nice Eumig Mark S 810D High Quality Sound Super 8 and Regular 8 Projector wich includes the Rear Projection Adapter. These projectors are getting harder and harder to find especially in this good condition. I'm selling them together for $275. Plus Shipping. The Projector is by itself is $225 and you can buy the Rear Projection Adapter by itself for $125 if you want it. Everything is in Excellent Condition. Both Super 8 and Regular 8 Gates and Sprocket Gear Sets are included. Working Bulb. This is one of the Best Super 8 Projectors made. If you're looking for a projector to convert to a do-it-yourself film transfer unit this would be a good choice. It has a solid all metal construction and is gear driven with a once per frame rotating shaft.
  3. Hello, I have been looking for a good month now but found nothing in regards to the Eumig Nautica, would like to buy one as soon as possible for final major project work at university, thanks very much for your time will pay to get here as quick as possible!
  4. I have a regular 18fps Nautica, I would really like a fully working 24fps one too. :)
  5. John Clere

    Eumig C16R

    I recently encountered a Eumig C16R that was cheaper than it usually is, which is already pretty cheap. I'm looking for a camera that is somewhere between my Keystones, which I would throw off a cliff and not feel bad, and a Bolex, which is staying locked on a tripod or in a shoulder mount. The Eumig seems pretty appealing, but I have a few questions before I jump on it. I was told that it's not a reflex camera (even though it has an R in its name. Slightly decieving, I think), but it does seem to have a decent viewing system. How well can one frame with this camera? Is pulling focus an attainable thing? It's not reflex, so by pulling focus I mean previewing through the finder and translating my focus marks during filming. About as effective as getting out a tape measure, which I do anyway, but it would be fine to be able to have some semblance of focusing ability. How reliable is it? I haven't heard much about its functionality. Is it a single or double perf camera? How loud is it? It's clockwork so it can't be too quiet so my question is is it loud or quiet compared to, say a bolex or a keystone. Lastly, as I hinted before, I want this to be kind of somewhere between an A and a B cam. Something I would feel good strapping to the hood of a car or running through a field with. Pretty much what I'm asking is is it a good enough camera that I can ask that of it? Your input is infinitely appreciated! Thanks.
  6. All film tested and fully functioning with crystal clear lenses: Canon 814 XL-S £150 GB Pounds Eumig Nautica £100 GB Pounds Bolex 680 £100 GB Pounds Canon 514 XL-S £60 GB Pounds Payment by PayPal plus actual shipping cost will be added (please ask for quote).
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