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    Dedicated ARRI, RED, BMCC, Cinema EOS, GH4, Super 8, 16 & 35mm Director; who has been shooting on film and exhibiting the results for over 25 years.

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  1. The speed control button can get jammed internally. I have had two 1014XL-Ss that were stuck at 24fps and an 814XL-S stuck at 18fps. It is a fixable issue but honestly not a very cost effective path to take.
  2. I have been both gifted Canon 814 & 1014XL-Ss and found a fair few bargains over the years. I have had to cannibalise and fix quite a few of them too. I will check the diameter of the external battery pack pin next week.
  3. The Canon 1014XL-S was incredibly expensive at retail originally. So $500+ is fine for a fully working example. Most parts can be replaced or repaired. Plus any old kit deserves to be serviced. I have owned dozens of them and all needed to be maintained or ideally regularly used. I hardly ever use in camera lap dissolves now as most of my footage ends up edited on Pre or FCP. However I can recommend the Yashica Electro 8 LD-6 and LD-8, along with the Sankyo Supertronic XL-620 for the function. I was told by a Kodak Rep in December to "keep my eyes peeled" for the Kodak Super 8 camera. It has been a long wait and even a few friends who work for Kodak haven't a clue on it's progress. So your guess is as good as mine!
  4. Look for non running 814 or 1014XL-Ss on eBay. It will take a while but they do pop up from time to time. If all else fails buy an external battery pack. They work with no batteries in the handle.
  5. http://www.andecfilm.de/en/e_s8_pressureplate.htm I thought Andec still sold them!?
  6. SOLD! Though I will have another fully serviced & underwater tested example for sale soon.
  7. Now listed on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Eumig-Nautica-Super-8-Movie-Camera-Sea-Surf-Sand-Snow-Film-Tested-/222179807359?hash=item33baf2d07f:g:qVAAAOSwvg9Xfsew
  8. Film tested underwater and recently serviced. Lovely example with removable handle, PMA wide lens attachment, orange underwater sight, wrist strap, rubber eyecup, lens lever and new rubber O-ring seal. £200 GB Pounds / $260 US Dollars.
  9. Did you get one in time? Sorry, I didn't see this. I have four sitting on the shelf.
  10. The AGFA Movexoom 3000 is a great camera (wonderful design) but not ideal to start off with. Try to buy a simpler Canon model, like a 310XL, 514XL, 312XL-S or 514XL-S. They have really sharp/fast lenses, are easy to operate and give excellent results. Consider using Tri-X 7266 B&W stock to experiment on, for some grainy reversal film magic.
  11. Go to Kevin at www.gaugefilm.co.uk Julie. Bart seems to have lost the plot.
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