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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Guys, I am gonna start shooting a documentary next week and our main camera will be the PXW-FS7. I already check many topics, tests and other reviews. I first decided to shoot in 1920 X 1080 in S-LOG 3 / Gamut 3. Two reasons to that, first one being mobility and also wish to keep an good latitude for the grading at the director looking to a specific style. Here an example of the kind of footage we looking to end up with For some of the interview we will have a second camera which will be a Sony A7S. The Director already order a Shogun to go with it. As the A7S is capable of shooting in S-Log 2, I wonder: is the Shogun still relevant? And if I have to keep it, should I still set the camera in the Log mode? My worries are that the Shogun record only the under-expose, milky footage from the S-log but without the possibilities of grading which are suppose to come along with it. Then it is possible some day we will have to shoot with C100 but that will become an other problem. Thanks in advance for your answers All the best
  2. I'm a little confused on how to play with the gamma setting for the lower part of the curve. what's the difference between BLACK LEVEL and BLACK GAMMA and MASTER PED in camera settings? what the relationship with noise? if for instance I want to change the setting of my camera so as to see more into the shadows (without taking into account any color correction in post) I set (just as an example) black level at -2 master ped at +2 so as to lower the contrast black gamma (that alters the whole shape of the gamma curve in its toe) at +2 to brighten the image am I right? my question is: how does noise react to this new setting?
  3. My team is about to take possession of an Amira. We’ve been renting for a while and shooting Log-C as standard. I’m starting to question the merits of shooting Log. Typically we shoot product footage in a studio, with finely tuned and very controlled light. We really craft each shot – bread and butter shots are pretty low DR. Occasionally we go for dramatic contrast. I’ve done a fair but of reading on the theory, pros, and cons of shooting Log, but I have to say I’m still not convinced either way. If I’m careful with clipping and try to get a healthy looking histogram/waveform, is Rec 709 just as good as Log, or in fact would it be better?
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