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Found 4 results

  1. Hello - in early September I will be filming an all-night fight sequence between 2 characters, where the scene takes place under a rain rig (most likely, two small rain towers). We are going for a handheld look - not too shaky but just to give it a little energy. Typically, I would use an Easyrig for this but I'm not sure the best way to rig my camera well for operation under these circumstances to keep the camera safe and lens clean. I suppose I could just bag the camera and put a hole for the Easyrig cable to come through, and cinch it well with rubber bands around the cable, but I'm worried about water coming through. Thankfully, I will have a focus puller doing their thing wirelessly so I won't have to worry about that. If anyone has any tips for this kind of situation, I would greatly appreciate your input!
  2. Camera Essentials will be discontinuing our Weather Protector line of raincovers. We have the following items on sale! These prices are 40% off retail. RED Dragon/Weapon Weather Protector $228 each Phantom Flex 4K Weather Protector $216 each Alexa Mini Weather Protector $216 Alexa Studio Weather Protector $238 each Please contact me if you are interested in getting a quote that includes shipping. While supplies last! Alexa Classic Weather Protector has sold out. Patti Harrison Camera Essentials cameraessentials@gmail.com 626-844-3722
  3. Camera Essentials camera raincover sale is underway! For a 20% discount on our website: coupon code is RAIN (for raincovers only) Alexa, Epic, Sony F55/F5 Weather Protectors We still have some FILM camera raincovers at a deep discount, attached is the list with prices We also have a few sample raincovers, along with some raincovers for Steadicam (the clear vinyl kind) While supplies last.... Patti Harrison Camera Essentials www.cameraessentials.com cameraessentials@gmail.com Raincover Sale 2017.pdf
  4. I'm clearing out my samples, prototypes, and film camera raincovers, so check out the list. (#5001) Desert Camo Standby Camera Cover 36 x 56” $35.00 with storage sack (#5092) Panahead or Arrihead Standby Cover silver waterproof, 22 x 32” $24.00 (#1035) Medium Silver Dark Cloth Seconds, silver waterproof on outside, black on inside $54 x 56” $40.00, can be used as a raincover (#5825) Black Steadicam Rain Poncho Samples $45.00 each (#2260) Stabilizer Arm Bags $43.00 fits all arms Camera Essentials Weather Protectors: Film Camera’s (#1068) Arri 235 200’ magazine $75.00 (#1070) Arri 235 400’ magazine $78.00 (#1072) Arri 416 $125.00 (#1057) Arri 435 (1000’ zoom) $179.00 (#2249) Arricam LT (1000’ prime) $189.00 (#2244) Arricam ST prime $199.00 (#2245) Arricam ST zoom $199.00 Clear vinyl Camera Essentials raincovers: (#z1013) Arri 35-3 1000’ prime $49.00 (#z1015) Arri 435 1000’ prime $55.00 (#z1016) Arri 435 1000’ zoom $55.00 (#z1021) Arri 535 Handheld $55.00 (#z2238) Sony F900 $55.00 (#z1023) Moviecam SL 1000’ zoom $55.00
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