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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I recently shot with my first rear projection screen, and not until we were shooting did I notice a feeling of “lag” or “drag” in what was being projected. Talent was directly up against the screen, with top down footage of ocean waves going by. I felt a very, very subtle stutter in the footage that was not perceivable by eye. Unfortunately this was an incredibly rushed setup so did not have time to ask for specs/adjustments. Could anyone advise as to what may cause this, and what solutions may exist?
  2. Im about to shoot a short film on 16mm, and were gonna use back projection (the projection itself would be digital, and its material shot on digital camera). I would appreciate any advice since i never did this. my concerns are mostly two: 1. whats the best way to expose/ measure the projection? 2. should I take any special precautions to avoid flickering? or will it be fine just as long as the camera and the projector are set to the same frame rate? if i plan to use hand cranck, I imagine there is no way to avoid variable flickering, right? Thanks Daniel
  3. Hello! I am working on a project at the moment and need some help deciding on a way to make the background. The location is a set of a crossing at a road and i need it look as though the background is a continuous street/city. The background itself is never going to be in focus but will be in shot from time to time (At least 3 of 4 directions). The street is 11m wide and the centre of the crossing is 20/30m from the background. I have 3 options that i am considering. A. Printed sheet with the image of the background B. Green screen C. Rear Projection I am just trying to figure out which of the 3 options would be the most effective/efficient way to create my continuous street background. Thanks.
  4. I'm shooting some car scenes where I want studio lighting on the actors, so I'm thinking rear projection might be the best way to go. A model for the look I want is the driving sequence near the beginning of Bunuel's BELLE DE JOUR (starting at about 11 minutes into the film). One DP I spoke to said he thinks those shots were done on a process trailer, but to me they look like rear projection. Any thoughts on how those scenes were shot would be greatly appreciated. We're shooting on 35mm, and I was wondering if anyone has had experience shooting on 35mm and projecting the background plates on LCD or DLP? Are there issues with flicker when shooting in this way? And does anyone have advice on which type and size of screen to use?
  5. Hi everyone, I am about to film a hitchcock style film this week which involves a rear projection in a studio. I am currently using a Panasonic PT-D3500E projector and the Arri D21 with a shutter angle of 180 degrees. I have noticed in tests that there is a severe flickering/phasing issue that I would like to fix. Does anyone know how to get around this, do I need to experiment with different shutter angles or perhaps a different projector, ours is a 1 chip DLP projector, I wonder if LCD or 3 chip DLP would help? Thank you James P.s. if you would like to see an example of what I am talking about, here is a link http://youtu.be/ZOadAk7mz3U
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