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  1. Thanks Robert, thats very reassuring to hear!
  2. Hi Dirk Thanks for your quick and informative reply! when you say there was an increase in the Dmin that is like fogging if i understand correctly? just need to overexpose a bit to overcome it and i lose a bit of latitude, right? and an increase of 0.02 is about how much in stops? BTW I did one of my first short films on 16mm with your lab... In praise of the day, produced by Philippe lacote if you remember 🙂
  3. Brought in two rols of unexposed 500t/7219 from LA and it was X-ray scanned in the airport 😞 Is there any chance that the material is still good? Did anybody have this happen to him and and could share from his/ her experience of what came out of the stock? Thanks
  4. Thanks Robert, You mean shoot a gray chart, and then project and measure the gray chart off the projection, right?
  5. thanks for the info Tyler and Robert!
  6. I have two 100' reels of vision3 7219 which were purchased from kodak some 10 years ago... did anybody here use this stock after so long and could help me guess how bad it's condition should be? It was kept in the refrigerator for about half of that time and the rest of the time in a closet in the shade. I just want to use them to run some camera tests and am wondering if the results should be good enough to estimate sharpness or even exposure... thanks Daniel
  7. Im about to shoot a short film on 16mm, and were gonna use back projection (the projection itself would be digital, and its material shot on digital camera). I would appreciate any advice since i never did this. my concerns are mostly two: 1. whats the best way to expose/ measure the projection? 2. should I take any special precautions to avoid flickering? or will it be fine just as long as the camera and the projector are set to the same frame rate? if i plan to use hand cranck, I imagine there is no way to avoid variable flickering, right? Thanks Daniel
  8. Thanks all Only had a chance to look at this now, some very nice ideas here, very helpfull!
  9. I am going to give a class about movement in cinema, would love to have some suggestions for films with interesting camera moves (from the storytelling point of view), or if you know of any articles / interviews relating to the subject. Thanks!
  10. Thanks all I think I was a bit unclear before, of course the resolution and aspect are two separate matters, I just meant Netflix's strictness about the first might imply their approach for the other... In any case as Daniel said I imagined it would be their regulation.
  11. so no specific limitation by the networks? I could imagine netflix as with their 4K fixation objecting to accept wider aspects.
  12. Thanks for your reply Mark. Ill try and check out Ordeal by innocence! Broadchurch shot on the cooke anam. couldent find any tech info about Ordeal, but would be pretty interesting if they both went for 2:1 extraction.... I wonder if thats because its an easier aspect for the networks to digest? Of course traditionally scope is defined as 2.35 or 2.39, but recently with digital I see allot of original aspects extracted from anamorphic material, ranging from 2:1 to 2.66:1.
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