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  1. Hi all, I am in the middle making a few purchases for my AC kit and was wanting some tips/advice on anything I may not have, or alternative suggestions. I generally work as a 1st AC on low budget Short films, Music videos, TV Drama, and Commercials. I want to build a kit that is flexible between job to job and could be used for indie features. Kit: SetWear Heat Resistant Gloves Tweezers 1x 20m (blue) rope 1x 10m (green) rope Twin Uniden UHF radios Sunglasses SupFire LED torch Head Torch AC Belt Pouch Lens Blower Lens brush Dentist mirror Sekonic L-758CINE light meter MacBeth Colour Chart Assorted BNC Barrels and Connections 1x Bungee (Small) cord, 1x Bungee (Large) cord 1x Hard Tape, 1x Fibre Glass Tape Mini Stapler Adhesive Labels (for identifying cameras on multi-cam shoots) Reversible Cable ties, Standard Cable ties (Small&Large, multicolours) WD-40 (250ml) Falcon Compressed air Helix Stencils Notepad Lighter XXX mints Tissues Misc; iPhone 4 Charger cable USB powered LED Light Portable USB Battery Pack Spirit Level Mini First AID Kit Panadol 2x Rubber Door Stopper 50ml Hand Sanitiser Tools; WAVE Leatherman Screwdriver Set Gorilla Grip Allen Key set Tapes; 1-inch Pro Gaff Fluro Camera Tape (Green) 1-inch Pro Gaff Fluro Camera Tape (Pink) 1-inch Pro Gaff Fluro Camera Tape (Yellow) Nashua Gaffer’s 357 Tape (Black) Stylus Black Electrical 18mm Tape Stylus Camera 25mm Tape (Blue) Stylus Camera 25mm Tape (Red) Stylus Camera 25mm Tape (Yellow) Stylus Camera 25mm Tape (Green) Artist Tape 25mm Paper Tape (Green) Safety Red & White Tape Markers & Pens; Black Sharpie 4x Staedtler Non-Permanent Fine Point (.6mm) markers Black Ballpoint Pen Artline Permanent marker Builder’s Marking Crayon Follow Unit & Accessories; BarTech (Analog) Focus Unit RedRock Micro CineTape (with Redrock Arm and D-Tap power cable) TV Logic 5.6’ on-camera Monitor (with SDI cables, D-Tap cable, Noga arm). Paralinx Arrow Plus (with CrossBow and Blackmagic HDMI to HD-SDI) Ditty Bag: Notebook 9v Batteries AA Batteries AAA Batteries Coloured Rubber Bands (in Zip Lock bag) 1” Brush & 2” Brush Bluestar (Large Round) Viewfinder eye cushion 3x Cable Clamps Currently purchasing: ARRI Production Bay (Large) Insert slate Slate Clapper Sticks Slate Tags 2x Marker Sausage Delta 18% Grey Card 70” x 60” Clear Camera Rain Cover Focus Star Chart 1x Larger Scissors, 1x Small Scissors Super Glue 1x Bungee (Large) cord Multicolour Golf Tees White Tak Self-Adhesive Tape Stanley Blade Tungsten Worker’s Torch 4x Mini Highlighters Artist Tape 25mm Paper Tape (Blue) Artist Tape 25mm Paper Tape (Red) Staedtler Lumocolor Whiteboard markers Re-Usable Silica Gel (for AC bag) Magliner Junior (with 24” shelves). Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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