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  1. Hi all, I was wondering whether there are front box mount made for lower end tripod heads (instead of the usual OConnor, etc)? I understand this more then likely doesn't exist due to the weight capacity of the heads, however thought it would be worth asking. Thanks.
  2. Definitely. This is just an item of gear I own that I also listed, but would never want to step on anybodies toes - particularly the DP's.
  3. Hey Greg, Thanks for the advice. That being the case, any suggestions on anything else I need..? Jr.
  4. Hi all, I am in the middle making a few purchases for my AC kit and was wanting some tips/advice on anything I may not have, or alternative suggestions. I generally work as a 1st AC on low budget Short films, Music videos, TV Drama, and Commercials. I want to build a kit that is flexible between job to job and could be used for indie features. Kit: SetWear Heat Resistant Gloves Tweezers 1x 20m (blue) rope 1x 10m (green) rope Twin Uniden UHF radios Sunglasses SupFire LED torch Head Torch AC Belt Pouch Lens Blower Lens brush Dentist mirror Sekonic L-758CINE
  5. Hi Stefan, Is this what you were referring to? Link: http://www.videoguys.com.au/Shop/p/24325/sobrante-tabletop-slate-sob-tts.html?cat=191
  6. Hi, I'm wanting to know, whats the cooling down period for HMI before it's safe to move it? Suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hey Peter, This may be of help. Link: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=62643&do=findComment&comment=404398 Unfortunately, I live in Sydney, so any additional input would be rendered useless.
  8. I did a comparison between my 4x2ft (genuine) Kino Flo fixture with (genuine) 4x Kino Flo 5600ºK globes vs. utilising a third-party 4x2ft fixture with (genuine) 4x Kino Flo 5600ºK globes. See if you can spot which photo is lit with which light..... See Link: http://500px.com/photo/63137605
  9. Hi, Whats the difference between utilising a 4x2ft (genuine) Kino Flo fixture with (genuine) 4x Kino Flo 5600ºK globes vs. utilising a third-party 4x2ft fixture with (genuine) 4x Kino Flo 5600ºK globes? For example, Light Pro make a fixture similar to Kino Flo's Diva 400, however has a more predominant reflector unit. Thoughts? Experience? Tips?
  10. Hi all, Thanks for your replies - highly appreciated. The production is an indie feature film shooting in Sydney through February and March. The production didn't have insurance, nor signed contracts, 4 days out from commencing production, so I took other work. The production were expecting camera department to stick a C500, wireless FIZ, wireless video split, and Battery powered lights to a motion picture car, driven by the talent, with a $500 car rig. Hmmmm...... Michael, as you suggested, I requested a 'contract stating that at the very least, production will pay the deductibl
  11. Hi, Has anybody had experience with either the TruColor HS or Creamsource, and if so, what are the key difference between the two fixtures? Thanks.
  12. Hey, Over the past year or two I have start to buy equipment that I have required for jobs, such as BarTech Focus Unit, On-Camera monitor, redheads, kinos, etc. My question is, Am I expected to insurance the equipment myself, or is it realistic for the production to have some form of insurance that would cover damage and loss to the equipment? Thanks.
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