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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm going to be making a movie with my friends soon (Horror/Comedy). This may be a broad question, but here it is. In your opinion, what Cinematography techniques add dimension and depth in an image? With this movie, I am hoping to immerse the audience by creating a visually immersive and interesting "mise en scène". I have been leaning towards good blocking, but I would love to hear how you all feel this is accomplished. Thank you!
  2. Hello, folks! I'm a young director (mid-teens), and the selection of actors in my town are mostly well-trained theatre actors. Earlier this summer, I made a film with two of these actors + a young film actor, and I noticed some difference in the two groups. The theatre guys were a lot more patient than film actor, but never really took direction; they were great improvisers (which is okay, but it left my film actor in a very awkward position as he was more for taking serious direction). Now I have read on directors such as Elia Kazan, who have worked in both theatre and film successfully, but I am still open to advice from you guys: what are some ways a director could work with a stage actor to create a great performance? By the way, the films I make are mostly dramas/crime films, which I like to call "Southerns" (I take a lot of inspiration from films such as No Country for Old Men, and Badlands). I recently volunteered at my local theatre department as a technician/stage manager for the fall, but nevertheless, I would like to hear what you guys think. Sincerely,
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