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Found 3 results

  1. Take the camera and Run - Film cameras Blog As happened to me quiet a few times lately (and I have the feeling it will keep on happening) I found myself in one of the shooting situation I dislike the most, which is when more or less suddenly As happened to me quite a few times lately (and I have the feeling it will keep on happening) I found myself in one of the shooting situation I dislike the most, which is when more or less suddenly the 1st AD tells me :”Put in that van everything you’re gonna need for the rest of the day, we’re moving to a new location which is an hour drive from here. Don’t forget anything, be fast and please… keep it simple!”. Of course, I’m not speaking about situation where this was in the callsheet, in that case it is pretty easy to be prepared. I’m speaking of those times when a sudden change comes up (rain on location, new shooting plan, talent’s agenda variations and an awful long etc.) and we need to improvise, which is from my point of view one of the most important skills of a good AC. I’m pretty sure that some of you came up quickly with an answer like :”Ask the DoP!” and even though it is logic, if life was so easy everybody could be a top notch assistant cameraman. Normally, when this kind of situations happens, there has been an important change in the order of the shots, so is pretty likely that the DoP has his hands full speaking with the gaffer and/or the best boy about the new situation, discussing with the director all kind of lighting issues etc. Of course, the camera crew also will need confirmation from him, but is going to be much more fast if we do all the thinking, and then we just ask for a confirmation of the equipment list. Plus, making sure there is everything is needed for the shooting camera wise is one of the duties of the first assistant. More here: https://www.camaleonrental.com/gb/blog/take-the-camera-and-run.html
  2. Hi Everyone This is a great forum and I am delighted to be a member. I run a Tech and Photography blog and have decided to start developing some content for cinematographers. I would be interested to know who you think would be a great guest blogger. Someone that can write interesting and informative articles about the industry and the gear you use etc. Perhaps an article about how they go about their work or even ideas of interesting articles that we can cover. Please take a look at our blog using the link below to see it in action! http://blog.mymemory.co.uk Perhaps there is someone on this forum that would be suitable, any ideas are gratefully welcome. Many thanks - I look forward to sharing with you who we finally get to work with. Christian
  3. Hi Everyone, In an effort to stay engaged with the craft of cinematography when going through periods where I am shooting less I've resolved to write a little more about it. I've started up my blog again, and have tried to focus on the cinematography of films that have been an influence on me. My goal is to write more from an emotional place rather then going too deeply into the gear/tech aspects. I've actually really enjoyed the exercise and even found it helpful when thinking though my own projects. I figured I'd post a link to my blog here so others can check it out if so inclined... https://scenesfromanimaginaryfilm.wordpress.com/
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