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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm using Resolve 18 to key some Canon Raw green screen footage. Everything goes relatively smoothly until I adjust the Matte threshold. The Alpha channel looks pure white, but the footage gets black splotchy / grainy. I can't find any work arounds to get rid of this. I believe my footage is exposed well. I tried a quick Colorspace transforms (guessing settings) in my node tree to see if more saturated footage would help, but it did not. I tried as many different workflow attempts as I could find. I used a clean plate as the keyer color, and the footage still gets the black dots. When changing view mode to intermediate result it did seem to get rid of the black dots but the green background came back at half transparency, so I assumed it wasn't working? I also tried the 3d Keyer and got a nice result with no grain, but the mask had a green outline. Is this a better keyer than the delta?
  2. hi guys! I have a question about shooting a specific scene in wich a over-the-top fashionable lady will appear at a garden party, and after she catches the eyes of everyone participating, she gets attacked by a pigeon - she'll be wearing a big overdecorated hat that the bird is supposed to mistake for a nest(ha-ha). Now, the bird will be CG, this turned out to be the best option. the whole scene will look as if it's shot by one of the invitees- via smartphone. This being my fist project involving CG, i'm pretty unsure of the elements that I need to address. So I was thinking that after we get the clean shot, the hat will need to be shot independently on a blue screen, also some of the decorative elements of the hat will need to be shot independently so that they could be layered on top of the pigeon that lands on the hat. markers/trackers will need to be added. I'm deffinately missing things I must be doing, so any inpunt on the matter will be of great help to me. Thank you! B.
  3. I recently pushed DaVinci Resolve further than I have yet. A project came in that needed a bit of compositing, and I tackled in right in DaVinci Resolve. And with a little help from Boris Continuum Complete, it all came together beautifully. All best- Mike Wolf Finishing Editor | Colorist www.shinefinishing.com 310-357-7211
  4. Hello friends, I am trying to make a shot in which I wanna experiment with comping a 3d train with a live driver in it. I will be using after effects for this purpose but while experimenting with a rough footage I felt that the driver looks really flat & I was also not able to track them together properly. Though while having the final shoot of the driver in front of green screen the lighting might solve some of the issues, I still am not confident if it will appear as if the live driver is driving a 3d animated train. Any kind of help would be appreciated on this matter. If you guys have a reference or tutorial on similar topics plz share it with me. This is kinda urgent so any help would be life saving. Also what I need is a few tips on how to shoot a miniature will be using a Canon 7D for this purpose. The softwares that I will be using is Maya, PF Track, After effects.
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