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  1. I'm sorry I didn't save more of computer history from back in the beginning. I got a late start...for me it was the early '80's. Here is what was happening 5 years earlier in July of 1977. Looks to be software was sold in books and you copied the code. Some computer magazine has cheap floppy 33 1/3 records with software on them. I had a modem, albeit a lot smaller than is shown in the photo. Got on Compuserve as my first tast of being online. When I moved to the Rustbelt, it was free Juno dialup...until it got wrecked by too many users. Then it was library internet...and they used ultra slow dial up. It would have been interesting going to the computer shows and events to document them. Couldn't do a thing working with the memory they had back then. These RAMs were in 'K's! They used cassette tapes for storage back then. Back in 1980's L.A. we had Federated Stores with Fred R. Rated (Shadoe Stevens) as the TV spokesman. (Circuit City killed Federated...then Best Buy killed Circuit City.) Internet Photo: Fair Use franklinavenue blogspot It was the early 1980's and the Apple IIe had just come out. I had bought a bootleg 'Pineapple' computer, which was a knockoff of the Apple IIe. I was shopping at the Federated store on La Brea near Melrose buying my computer gear. Later on, I moved over to Circuit City. Dot matrix printers were the printer of the day. They were graded on how well they could hide the dots to not look like a dot matrix printer. Internet? We had CompuServe and BBS bulletin boards. Before BBS / bulletin board forums were going mainstream, we had 'mailing lists' in the early 1980s. People would send in contributions and someone would print out on a dot matrix printer and snail mail to the subscribers. Was never a big computer guy, although I use computers extensively with my work. I just know enough to get by. Was trying to learn more about data storage and joined a group over at Reddit called Data Hoarders. But got banned from Reddit a little but later. Wasn't that big of a loss, I could never understand much of what they were talking about anyway. Crazy kids who couldn't understand why I collect SPAM emails as part of my work. Well, I couldn't understand why they collected the things they did...so we were even! <><><><> Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Advertising Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. VHS Video Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Popular Culture Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Audio Archive Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Social Documentary Photography
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