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    Curator and Archivist for Small Gauge Film / Still Photo / Ephemera / Audio / VHS Archive

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    World leader in Circular Fisheye & Infrared Flash Street Photography

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  1. I'd prefer the old-time jazz handbills, or from the swing era bands. But that stuff is $$. Punk era bands from the 1980's and 90's are still new enough and not valued too highly to make them prohibitive to collect. And, as I said before, I'm not a collector, I'm an archivist. So, I don't care if they are the physical paper or hi-res digital scans. I got into the punk era handbills as an offshoot from my mimeo revolution / beatnik era work. Handbills from that era are also pricey, so I looked into what was affordable to work with. Anyone ever been to the Cathay De Grande when they were operating in Hollywood? Sounds like a crazy place in its heyday. It would have been nice to have some video / film / photos from that era. I lived a few miles away. But I wasn't into it at the time. Anyone collect punk rock or mimeo revolution ephemera? Or what sort of ephemera are you interested in?
  2. Thanks Tyler. Way above my budget, but putting one on the 'someday' wish list!
  3. I gave up on saving these short or one-line SPAMS separately. I do them in bulk records and will probably stop doing them altogether in the SPAM Archive soon. I have hundreds of Hi. Hello and Short SPAMS already. I much prefer the SPAM where some effort was taken in the pitch... Your Payment Available For Pick Up Wed, May 11, 2022 3:01 pm Western Union Money Transfer (westenunionoffice.bf@gmail.com) To:you Details Your Payment Available For Pick Up, Western Union Money Transfer, in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund(IMF) Reconciliation Committee had agreed to pay you total amount of $350,000.00 USD compensation fund. The compensation fund had been signed to be paid to you for all the money you have lost to scammers and through internet banking frauds. Your name appeared on our payment schedule list of beneficiaries that will receive their funds in this 2nd quarter payment of the year according to our banking regulation. We apologize for the delay of your payment. The sum of $3,000.00 USD or its equivalent in your local currency will be transferred to you via WU every day until all the $350,000.00 USD is sent across to you. We have registered your first payment of $3,000.00 USD online through Western Union Money Transfer. Just confirm your first payment with below instruction, Open this website: www.westernunion.com , then click "Track Transfer", for you to see the status of the transaction online. As soon as you open the website, enter this tracking number(MTCN):235 361 7507. As soon as you enter the tracking number click "Track Transfer" to confirm by yourself. These are the details you need to present to the western union officials. Also go with your id card: MTCN: 235 361 7507, Sender Names: Frank Martin, Sender City: Ouagadougou, Sender Country of sender: Burkina Faso. Amount sent: $3,000 USD. Money Transfer | Global Money Transfer | Western Union Go to any Western union office in your area and pick it up. Make sure you go with an identification of yourself like driving license or national id or international passport. Yours sincerely, Dr. Mrs. Waleed Omarh.
  4. That is fine, but emails should still be answered one way or another. I may have to go that route you suggest. But I'm not much of a tech person.
  5. Photog William Klein gave some good advice that may help the B+W film look digital wannabes. **(obscenity removed)** the mid-tones!
  6. You can use an open aperture and higher ISO with a ND, if needed, with stills to get a film look. This digital photo has added digital grain. This is digital photo was shot with an open aperture. Some digital has nice looking grain-like film structure. This is a monochrome sensor. (Don't remember if digital grain is added or not?) You can get some nice, colorful and contrasty stuff with digital that may not work as well with film. This is digital, open aperture, monochrome sensor. (Don't remember if digital grain is added or not?) This is an old film shot from the 70's. All-natural grain. Some images, no matter what you do, look plasticky and digital. (Jersey City...$80 a day to park your tent when working in NYC.) Digital photo, monochrome sensor, natural grain, wide open f1.4 and high ISO All photos: D.D.Teoli Jr.
  7. If you need a grainy film look, shoot it on film. Much better than fake grain with digital. Film grain is organic and digital screened grain is not. If you like the softer film look, shoot it on film. Everything has its purpose OP.
  8. eBay Photo: Fair Use Here is a film from England for sale on eBay showing how an exposed film can was marked. Don't know what the markings after 'Rated @ 80' means. 80 is the ASA, maybe the rest is something about a neutral density filter? Artist's tape, white or colored gaffers / spike tape or medical tape is good for marking cans. <><><><> DDTJR Small Gauge Film Archive
  9. I got an old custom computer I bought years ago. Paid about $1200 for it to be built. It is a basic black box computer with a couple of larger cap HDD drives. Look what they got now for custom computers! I don't want all that shit. They want near $4,000 to build a computer now. I have to use a house fan to pump air into my computer when I run video post work on it. It blows out hot air like a blow dryer. I wrote to B&H to suggest they start selling custom computers. Maybe they will do it. I wrote to a number of custom computer companies. Only one replied. They are in the business of building computers, but don't want to answer their email. What do they do all day? What a mess. <><><><> Selection from Radio and Vacuum Tube Archive DDTJRAC
  10. Berlin Gallery Weekend https://www.theartnewspaper.com/2021/05/20/will-gallery-weekends-replace-art-fairs Gallery weekends have been mushrooming. London is set to unveil the inaugural London Gallery Weekend, boasting, at the time of writing, a whopping 137 galleries, big and small—from White Cube or Hauser & Wirth to Emalin and Sid Motion. Paris, Berlin, Beijing and many other cities also have comparable weekends.Exhibiting at an art fair can be unbelievably pricey, when you add up travel, accommodation, entertaining clients as well as the booth fees, which can easily top $100,000. Compare the costs of doing LGW—from just £300 to £3,000, depending on the size of the gallery.
  11. I'm thinking something along these lines may be of use if you need to target certain areas of color correction in the future. https://www.videomaker.com/how-to/editing/the-art-and-science-of-algorithmic-editing
  12. RPPC Happy May Day 2022!
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