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  1. Seeing the registration of the sprockets pretty much says it all with a cine' scan...at least that is what I'm thinking. I was scanning an old 1930's 8mm called El Perro Masajista aka The Mexican Massage Dog. It is in pretty rough shape. So, I thought I'd do something different and scan about 3/4 of the sprockets and a thin black border around the frame to be more artsy and / or distract a little from the low I.Q. Normally I would not even bother with a film like this, but it is pretty rare. It is an old stag...so you can figure out what it is about. I had never scanned so much of the sprockets before. When I looked at it, I was pretty impressed with the Retroscan's registration, even with clear edge film. I thought the Retroscan registration was bad due to a jumpy picture. But it occurred to me, since a lot of these films I get are duped and duped and duped, the poor registration of the image is built into the film copy. Even with rock steady registration in the scan, the image jumps around because the image has been duped to death in haphazard ways. <><><><> Cyanotype DDTJRAC
  2. Yes, me too. I will defer to those that know more about this than I do. But it sounds right to me, as it was explained in the OP.
  3. eBay Photo: Fair Use Amazing what people come up with for solving the scanning cine' film problem. Res is 1.3mp 1280x1024. Too bad it is not higher res. Me? Have no interest in building things. Just want to get the output as simply, as inexpensively and as quickly as possible. AKA...I'm an end user. But isn't that want most people want? Easy, cheap and fast. BUT...it has to be decent quality. I don't like signing my name to shit. Even if my brain required complexities in my life...I couldn't afford it and still get my work done. Some people like complexities...their brain requires it. But if we didn't have the brainy people...we wouldn't get the film scanners built! <><><><> Statue of Liberation through Christ, Memphis TN 2016 Selection from The Americans...60 years after Frank artist's book. By D.D.Teoli Jr. Backstory... I had boondocked outside of Memphis at a Loves truck stop parking lot. I got into Memphis about 9AM. The sun was behind the statue. No time to screw around waiting for the lighting to change. I scouted the best option for 15 minutes and this was the result. Within 20 minutes of my arrival, I was on the road. I drove by Graceland and got a few shots of the graffiti wall. By 5.30PM I was in Paris, TX. Barely enough time to get some shots at that destination before sunset...light was failing fast. ....and was back on the road again. 3000 miles, $500 in gas, boondocked all the way. Showers at truck stops for $15 a pop. Most of my time for the project was spent on both coasts. But one can't neglect Mid-America and still get a proper snapshot of America.
  4. My apologies if I was harsh in my earlier reply to you Robert. http://www.kinetta.com/images/clipboard.jpg?crc=416629225 From what I recall I had written them years ago, but am not sure. If I did write them, I got no reply. I will give them another try.
  5. Thanks for the info, Dan. Yes, it sounds like it is not for me. I like things as simple as possible. Cine' film work is just a small area I work in and I don't have the time or the knowledge for highly technical machines. I had settled on the HDS or an Archivist to order. I had a sponsor that was ready to buy one for the Archive. But things didn't work out and the sponsor eventually retracted the offer due to financial reasons on their part coupled with my indecision on ordering a scanner. I am usually very fast to make decisions. But members have brought up audio issues with the HDS. And I've written many times about email issues I have had with Lasergraphics. As well as Tyler had said the HDS is not that easy a machine to use. After reading this feedback, I was not in a rush to buy a $50,000 paperweight and was trying to put in more study time. I am happy for your friend! Glad he found a scanner that works for him and is preserving history + he makes $$ at it! You can't beat that!!
  6. Does he build the machines or is he the salesman Tyler? Right now, as I write this, I'm scanning the Crossdressing Beatnik 8mm film on my Retroscan on a split screen. I'm pretty busy as well. Just make no money at my busyness.
  7. I don't run a business, Robert. I run an open content Archive. I've run it like this for years. I got a phone in my car Robert. A cheap $85 a year Tracfone. But as I said to him, I'm pretty much email. I'm not talking to you on a phone Robert. Never have. Yet we have communicated for some time. Years ago, I wrote to a guy in 1998 in Inverness Scotland. He made Moniack Mead. It was the finest mead in the world. Made from caramelized heather honey. He had no email account. He only communicated by mail via a typewriter. Should I have written him off Robert? No email? Must not have been serious. All anyone has to do is Google my name or my Archive or do an image search of me Robert. That tells them how serious I am about my work. I never lie to people. I tell them up front the info is for future interest or reference. Are rich people like you Robert, the only ones allow to study up options and learn?
  8. . I'd buy it in a second, but no room and already in the $$ hole this month. Waiting for new credit card cycle. Wooden case or casket as some call it. If you are short on space, it only needs a small footprint when folded up. I guess the kids call it 'small form factor.' Opened up This was the film they rented you for it. Example film, not in the listing. VINTAGE 1920'S KODAK LIBRARY KODASCOPE MODEL B 16MM MOVIE PROJECTOR wWOODEN CASE | eBay With shipping it is about $300 buy it now. They got another on you can bid on, but with current bid price and shipping it is getting close to this one. ($250) If anyone buys it, send in a photo of it on display. If you are tight on $$, keep looking on eBay. Maybe one will come up for $125... then all you will need is space! All photos: eBay - Fair Use It would make a great movie prop too! The guy tells the girl let me show you what is in my casket. He takes her upstairs and shows her an old stag film on the fold-out screen. She slaps him, but succumbs to his desires once she runs her hands over the fine oil finished wood casket...or some such thing. <><><><> Child actress Shirley Temple, holding a rifle, guards camera equipment while the photographers take part as guests of the motion picture stars at a dinner and dance party in Hollywood, Ca., Sept. 19, 1936. Found photograph, post processing and upscaling by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.
  9. As I looked at an 8mm Wolverine scan, it was very fast. The same film done with a Retroscan was exported at 17fps and looked slow. I read 16fps is supposed to be the standard 8mm silent speed. Yet it was very slow at 17fps and had to be sped up 25% in post. And it is not an isolated case. Do you have problems with your scans when the output does not match your idea of what the fps should be? What do you do...eyeball it for speed? Any tricks to settling on the right speed other than eyeballs? <><><><> Weegee Weegee wannabe Selections from Press Photographers Archive DDTJRAC
  10. Here is the same film scanned on these 2 scanners. The Wolverine scanner seems to speed up the scans. Film synopsis: When a model needing money for her sick mom decides she does not want to pose nude, the beatnik photographer wrestles her to the ground to try and convince her to take her clothes off. NSFW Raw scan: Wolverine Reels 2Digital Movie Maker scan The First Time I Did It : Don Juan Amour / Daniel D. Teoli Jr. as archivist : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Some post work: Retroscan Mark-I scan The First Time I Did It 8MM 2K D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : D. D. Teoli Jr. A. C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  11. Robert, when you say 2-flash; do you have the base exposure plus 2 other exposures? Are you ending up with 3 exposures of +1, 0 and -1 in the HDR mix? If so, do you have control over the under and overexposure, so you can dial in +1.5 and -1.5 instead of +1+ or -1 if need be or is the 2-flash fixed in exposure?
  12. Beautiful setup! It is kinda hard to follow total cost that was invested in parts in your post. Was the camera $3,000 alone? When you change the camera, did the original software still work? I've tried a light pin gate for 16mm. Worked terrible on warped film. That was my experience anyway. After he made all the mods, how did the scan compare to the Lasergraphics? You had sent in a sample scan comparing the Retroscan to the Lasergraphics a long time ago. Was that Retroscan sample output photo made with this scanner after all the updates? Or was it a stock Retroscan output photo?
  13. https://www.videouniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/RetroScanUniversal.jpg Internet photos: Fair Use I've got their old Universal model with 2K camera. The diffusion LED light has worked fine for me Dan. Is the light on the newer models subpar? With 16mm I use it at 80% light at get a f5.6 scan. I found with slight overscan with 8mm I can get by at f5.6 using 55mm extension tube instead of the 75mm tube I was using. Only with the densest underexposed films do I have to go wide open with the lens. Every once in a while, I found having more light would have helped. But 98% of the time it is fine. That Universal seems to be built like a tank. I see old ones on eBay all the time. Hope mine holds up. If it goes, I will be in trouble!
  14. That is a great lens. Too bad Retroscan didn't use a M39 mount instead of a C mount.
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