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  1. Yes, agree. Personal prejudice is a big deal nowadays. And it is not just in the music video area. In the old days there was not as many people to take a job. Now they have lots of replacements and will can your ass in a second. I guess the internet messed things up. Someone sees you doing something questionable, then snap a cell phone shot, put it online and boom! Now flash mobs can form in no time and set out to destroy anyone that does not mesh with the prevailing world view held by those in power. That was not easy to do back in the day. Plus the police would crack heads if the mob a
  2. Not too far fetched. That was how it was in the McCarthy era.
  3. Well, I always said...if it is legal do as you like. But in 2021 that does not always fly any longer. The only project I didn't like doing and quit, was acid attack victims. Too depressing and sad. Plus all the material I was working with was low res. I've mentioned this before to the group, one of the few working prejudices I have is with low res material . So I figured why depress myself for low res garbage and gave up on that project.
  4. https://archive.org/search.php?query=Track 16 Gallery Past Imperfect Show by Richard Nielsen Is it stitched still photos or video? Thanks
  5. Well, I got the Jackson DVD from the library. About 4 hours long. Maybe it was 2 hours too long. The last 2 hours was just more crying and complaining about Jackson having sexual contact with the kids. Amazed the stage moms were so mesmerized they would let their kids sleep with Jackson. In the future things may be worse for professionals. So, depending on your project, you may have to pick your projects carefully or use a nom de plume / alias or go uncredited. It will be just like the old stag film days with made-up names for credit. The dems own MSM, the newspapers, high tech, so
  6. You just have to work blind, without expectations. But, with lots of rejection, it can get depressing. Glad things are looking bright for you.
  7. Beautiful work! Some of the scenes drag on a little too long for me. But I got ADD.
  8. Just to update previous post... I just got a second email from ARII about unit pricing. No prices discussed. They said they would get back to me.
  9. Same test with AVI 1080P... AVI 1080p Lossy Compression Degradation Res Test D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : D.D.Teoi Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  10. I wrote ARRI to inquire how much a scanner cost. They were confused about my inquiry. They didn't give me a price, but they did give a couple of sources to check on getting scans done even though I didn't ask about that. Here is their reply to my inquiry as to buying a ARRIscanner. ARRI doesn’t offer film scanning/recording services. I would recommend checking out the following places: West Coast: Fotokem and NBC Universal East Coast: Kodak and Technicolor/Postworks ARRI does not seem very promising for me. I guess it would be nightmare getting one
  11. Well for my type of work a 4k machine is fine. Most of my films are multi gen dupes. My main want is the sound scanning ability. But I'd like a good image as well. The thing to do if you have time / money is to pp the individual TIFF files of a film scan. The problem is trying to match each frame if the pp is extensive. This took me 2.5 hours in Lightroom and HDR software. It is an example of the highest level revovery that is possible from a 6x6 or 70mm film image. If you had some type of AI software that could duplicate all the adjustments to the frames needing w
  12. Thanks! Isn't that sad. Never heard much about the Arriscan. Maybe I heard the name mentioned before, but nothing in detail. Some of these scan makers market their products like they are top secret nuclear codes. Maybe it would be good for me if it is outdated. While I would like HDR, I can do without it due to a low budget. What do Arriscan's sell for? In place of HDR I sometimes have to scan film sections at different exposures and marry the best scans in post. It is not HDR, but it is better than a one exposure scan. I do not like doing it as i
  13. Looks like a Cintel, kinda. https://www.arri.com/en/camera-systems/archive-solutions/arriscan-xt Did you try contacting Arri for a list of scan labs that use their product or if they can do a sample scan for you? How does the Arri compare to a cheap Lasergraphics for archival work of warped 16mm? Like most other scan makers they list no price.
  14. All these things should be documented with sample scans put up at the Internet Archive or other online venue. How did you aquire it only to give it away? Was it good for its time and it got outdated? Is this the unit? https://www.broadcaststore.com/store/prod_detail.cfm?eq_id=702940
  15. nsfw MP4 1080p Lossy Compression Degradation Res Test D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Examples of lossy compression degradation from exporting the same 1080P MP4 video file 10 times. Exports of generation 1-10 can be compared.
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