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  1. I wrote to this gal Mireya Salinas, sending her a RPPC of her doing work at George Eastman House from a George Eastman photo. On the card I asked her what sort of camera she was using on her copy stand. Never got a reply...but is that a surprise in 2021? Do you have any idea if it is a camera? And if so what is it? In the old days, fountain pens and stationary were big deals. In WW2 you had to have a permit to buy or rent a typewriter. Rationing was the problem. Carbon paper was also big back then, along with onionskin paper if you needed copies of your correspondence. No copy machines. Carbon copy on onionskin paper Selection from WW2 Rationing Archive GD, nowadays people can't be bothered with a simple 'F off' email. Just terrible. Someone I complained to told me maybe she thinks I'm a stalker!
  2. I have a lot of areas I work in….photography – audio – video – cine’ film – print archive. And within these areas there are hundreds of sub-areas I work in. I could never get much of this work done if I didn’t multitask. Now, I don’t like to multitask, but it is what it proverbially is. I got no help, so it is either I multitask and get more done or I don’t multitask and get very little done. But depending on the work I’m doing, I have to be careful with distractions, even momentary ones. Full story... The Joys of Multitasking – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – II (home.blog)
  3. And what about smaller 16mm productions? How good is the quality of the video produced?
  4. OK, thanks. I found another tape with the exact same issue, but it was throughout the tape. It was a 'free vhs tape given from an Adam and Eve adult products sales promotion. It was a 30 minute tape of rehashed adult material. So sounds about right...nobody cared about it.
  5. Very creative work...really beautiful! Looked at it a few times. Only thing that hit me rough was the opening shot going into the TV. I thought it would have come across better if it zoomed in closer to the TV screen before making the transition. But it was still OK as-is. And really these type of nitpicks need to be compared real time. Maybe a closer edit might not look as good. Just have to see it. Send in some more of your work!
  6. Standing Wolf, from another forum where I posted this thread added this reply... Popeye did appear in a Betty Boop cartoon in 1933, and that WAS his first animated film debut, but he'd been the star of the funny papers' 'Thimble Theatre' since 1929.
  7. I stopped wearing masks in the Spring when the state took them off the mandatory list. Recently got tested for covid antibodies to see if I have any built-in defense. I have no antibodies and never got the vaccine. Fall is coming and covid or whatever the current virus du jour is, is rising; so mask season may come around again as the state goes back to mandatory masks.I've been using new / old stock Henry Schein procedure masks for dentists from 1998 made in USA. (Yes, America used to make masks.) I found a couple hundred new masks I had in storage and had been using them. I used to buy the masks by the case when I worked in demolition. There were cheap enough so you could change them every few hours if you needed to. For heavy dirt I used 3M N95's, but back then they were not called N95's.All the Chinese surgical masks I've tried look similar to this vintage 1998 mask, but you can't breath through the material. Consequently you end up breathing in unfiltered air sucked in from the sides of the mask. In other words the Chinese masks I've tried are just for show. To test surgical masks for filtering, form a seal around your lips with the mask material as you suck in air through your mouth. If you can't breath through the mask material...there you go...you got a decorator model!Since the USA does not seem to make any surgical masks, I'm hoping that someone in China or elsewhere makes a decent filtering mask. I hate wearing N95 masks all the time. Any suggestions for masks you can actually breath through?
  8. I offer free transfer of Betamax and VHS to DVD. Only catch is if it has to be something I can use in my Archive and you share the material with me for non-commercial use. The good part is I have a huge range in scope for my Archive, so it doesn't hurt to ask if I am interested in the subject matter. You pay shipping both ways and get a DVD copy of your tape, which is returned. Tapes submitted have to be clean and not a mess. Here are a few example examples of my VHS transfers. Internet Archive Search: Cynthia Plaster Caster VHS Special Features Internet Archive Search: Mel Blanc VHS Clip From Strictly GI NSFW Internet Archive Search: 'Baby Fat' Clip Wild Bill Huge Bust Workout VHS Internet Archive Search: Death Row VHS Trailer teoli Write direct if interested: w1000w@aol.com Dan
  9. It is noteworthy as it was the first Popeye cartoon where Popeye doesn't eat his spinach. I wonder what Mae West thought about her guest appearance? Internet Archive Search: Clips From Popeye Never Kick A Woman 1936 Max Fleischer made Betty Boop prior to Popeye. Popeye appeared in a Betty Boop cartoon and due to his popularity evolved into his own series. It was said 90 million people a week out of the then population of 120 million people in America went to a movie at least once a week. Cartoons were shown at movie theaters prior to the main feature. The cartoons were intended for everyone, so were not kiddy oriented. Back then, other than live entertainment, all you had was radio, Victrola and movies for entertainment. So movies were a big deal. The voice of Olive Oyl as well as Betty Boop was Mae Questel. She was also Aunt Bethany in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)
  10. Maybe static is the wrong word, that is just what I call it. (If it is called something else let me know.) I've got a collection of VHS screens with various static on them. Having a VHS archive, I document everything VHS...even the static. Most static I see are variations on a theme and usually at the end of the video where there is no picture. But this static was different. This is a short clip of 2 nude girls with intermittent wide gray static lines and an intermittent green / magenta color shift. The wide lines cover +/- 80% of the left of the screen. The static started at the last 1/3 of a 1 hour tape and is fairly regular intermittent. The first 2/3 of the tape shows no lines like this. The tape may have been a dupe tape or the rear end of a tape was cut off. I say this because there is no ending, just an abrupt stop in mid action and rewind. It was a commercial video rental tape. I removed the sound to make it more focused. Sound was normal before removal, even in the static prone part of the video. nsfw Internet Archive Search: VHS Static Wide Lines 1 Do you know what caused this type of static on this VHS tape?
  11. I'd think zone focus would produce poor results for film work. I do a tremendous amount of zone focus work, but it is with candid still photos and not with filmmaking. With still work, I don't use hyperfocal distance; I use the best guestimate of the distance the image will be shot at. If I think the subject is at 3-1/2 feet, why should I use an 8 or 10 foot hyperfocal setting?? If they are actually at 4 feet , then 3-1/2 feet is closer than 10 feet to the right distance. With infrared flash still photography is all zone focused. You can't see anything on the screen in the dark with an IR still cam shooting with flash. Weegee used to talk about press photogs doing the standard 10 foot shot. They would keep their press camera set for 10 feet and be ready for anything...kinda!
  12. Yesterday's office... Still photographer Bruce Mc Broom & Peter Sellers on the set of Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu 1980 Photographer: Unknown
  13. If you are short on time, don't make a big deal of it. Walk around with a pocket cam or cell phone and grab what you think is noteworthy. Just make sure it is decent for archival purposes. Many times I archive on the fly. I'm at a presentation so I record audio, stills or video. I'm already there, so why not? Things like that. Make it fit your schedule.
  14. Yes, very impressive. Do they use a computer to map out any movements or is it always done by operator live?
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