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    Born in L.A....NYC is 2nd home...Rustbelt is home base.
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    Curator and Archivist for small gauge film and still photo archive.

    Highest level candid photography.

    World leader in circular fisheye and infrared flash street photography.

    Underground social documentary photography.

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  1. For archiving some old footage off a DVD is either as good for the job? The only thing I will be doing to the material is adding a title and turning into MP4. I may color grade possibly. Thanks
  2. Yes, 16mm 5 blade on ebay $700 +/-. Shoot with a video cam off the screen. If you have old shrunk film in bad shape, with broken sprockets, etc then you need sprocketless scanner. I keep buying lotto tickets for big time scanner, but no cooperation from lotto. Here is one example of poor man's transfer.
  3. OK, thanks, will study it up. Still trying to learn the ropes. With still photos I always work in TIFF and then when done I may convert to jpeg.
  4. OP..what are you scanning? Color neg with orange mask? If so, any flatbed scanner turns it into a unmasked positive. How did you get a drum scanner? Pretty rare and $$. Lets see an image of what your scanner produces.
  5. Something is better than nothing. Still works, so am happy about that. Thanks for the forum!
  6. I had a film on a DVD I converted to MP4 with Movavi. It came out as 156mb. I imported the 156mb file to Movie Maker and added a title. When I export as MP4 the 156mb ends up as a 634mb file. Why?? Title is only a few mb and is not the issue. I am working with plain MP4, nothing HD. Thanks
  7. Some of the printed material in my archive stinks like hell. The 'green' printers use vegetable based soy ink and it goes rancid. The printed material smells rancid. Crude oil based ink does not.
  8. You don't see many people using this cam nowadays Manhattan Marriage Bureau - December 2018 (Candid)
  9. Here is a little movie I made on the 'Girls of Instagram.' Really, it should be called the 'Thick Girls of Instagram.' (That is what the kids call the chubb dubs...THICK.) At night I will watch a little TV to relax and fire up my tablet to see what the fat girls of IG are doing. Good relaxation for the ADD mind. I wrote to a few of the girls to make some respectful suggestions to improve their photography and thanked them for their photos. The few ranting replies I got from them were terrible. Jesus, what nasty dispositions the girls have nowadays...just despicable. You would think they are man-hating lesbian separatists. So I gave up giving any advice. (BTW, if you want to improve your candid photography shoot your TV screen while watching TV. Great practice for timing and for learning to 'be at one' with your cam.) Last night I gave the IG thicks a look while watching TV and thought, some of these girls should be archived. So I took out a little Sony P&S and made a video of my tablet. A trend with some of the girls nowadays is to get injections in their butt to give it a 'shelf' look. Kinda adult content...but you can't get too adult with IG ...funny, with all this #METOO stuff, the girls require lots of attention. Some of the IG girls look to have lives that revolve around taking selfies and seeing how many likes they can get for their big butts.
  10. You have to color grade for different venues. Same with prints. Some papers requires different files for printing. Also a file for the monitor / internet viewing may be different from the print file. Here is an example of what I'm talking about with prints. https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2017/07/30/papers-and-printers-matter/ Just make a custom grading for YT.
  11. https://bust.com/arts/195701-these-20th-century-female-tattoo-artists-changed-the-game.html
  12. I got an old film from the 70s. A lot of the film was in short pieces. They were marked with tape and coded like this... What does this mean? Just a temp edit? Why is 14/16 together and not in order of 14 /15 / 16? Film is about firemen of that era.
  13. I've seen maybe 70% of them. The last few movies on the list do not appeal to me, so am slacking on them. Just ordered Ship Of Fools from the library. No blu-ray, just regular dvd, but that is OK. I tried Days Of Heaven a few years ago. I had heard it had beautiful cinematography. But it seemed boring, so gave up on it after 10 - 15 minutes. I got ADD. Either a movie holds my attention or not.
  14. Why? They are so cheap I thought they would retire regular dvd players and not blu-ray.
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