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    Born in L.A....NYC is 2nd home...Rustbelt is home base.
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    Curator and Archivist for small gauge film and still photo archive.

    Highest level candid photography.

    World leader in circular fisheye and infrared flash street photography.

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  1. Very nice! I was wondering what it would produce. Liked the sand dunes and all the lighting variables. Should have explored more with the sun see-through of her dress. And some nudes. The ending was kinda abrupt on the 2nd film. Maybe that was intended?
  2. Fascinating stuff! https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-forgotten-women-hand-painted-first-color-films
  3. OP, just do what you like, what looks good to you. Too hard trying to second guess things.
  4. The software I have offers 3 video codec H264, H265 and MPEG-4. Is there a better one to use for making files lower size but still look good? I'm using them on scanned 16mm film or old 16mm films taken off of a DVD. Thanks
  5. Books seem to not have died as digital readers had predicted. Site has some nice historical photos from the Fair. https://laabf2019.printedmatterartbookfairs.org/
  6. An interesting article for screenwriters. Goes into detail on 'outlines.' In 2019 gotta have a new name for Gen Z, so they call it beat sheet. "A beat sheet is a tool that writers use to help them plan and sequence their story. Rather than crafting full sentences, you use bullet points to outline the action taking place at pivotal points in your plot. These beats can then be used as a basis to craft your outline." https://medium.com/@FilmDaily/the-beat-sheet-what-it-is-why-you-need-it-114e3378009d
  7. Do you know how it compares to Premier Elements for grading?
  8. I just stumbled across this guy. He has lots of interesting things that may be of help with projects. He asks for donations, but it is optional. Attribution is something he does demand. Tons of sound files and hi-res images. https://soundimage.org/ If you don't see anything, also check https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page https://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ https://www.europeana.eu/portal/en https://archive.org/ https://freesound.org/ https://pixabay.com/ https://openclipart.org/ Pixabay is a truly outstanding site and has some really amazing photos…all for free. Every site is different, most material can be used commercially, some are for educational / editorial use only. (I have no financial interest in any of them. But I do donate images and audio files to some of them.)
  9. Phil...shoot a video report on some of the new products / tech for us poor bastards that can't make it.
  10. What do you like about it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_video_editing_software (You can have multiple choices...one screwdriver does not fit all jobs.)
  11. Yes, digital makes it a lot easier. I've screwed up plenty of times and was able to catch it with digital review. Back in the day the studio photogs used to pay big bucks to shoot Polaroid backs on view cams. So instant review was even valued in the film era. Leica came out with a digital cam that had no screen on the back. Some die hard film shooters liked it so they could be 'surprised' and didn't know what they had until they got home. Personally I like all the help I can get. I like instant review options. If for nothing else, getting the exposure doable.
  12. Yes, film has a nice look. Over time, the less people that shoot film, the less film knowledgeable DP's will be available. If they can ever get digital grain treatments to look organic, like film, then they may have something.
  13. https://www.nabshow.com/ Maybe next year. Can't swing it this year. They got a smaller one in NYC.
  14. After reading the docking station's specs I now see it only supports up to 6tb. But does not explain why the cord does not work. There must be some limit in tb that you can use externally.
  15. I got some 10tb Iron Wolf internal HDD's but they wont run with my computer with an external setup. For some reason they don't show up when plugged in. I get a beep, the HD's whirl, but never show up on the screen. I tried 2 different hookups for external HDDs. I wonder if there is a limit in tb drive size the computer will run. I have some HP slims desktop computers with Win 10 with 8RAM and 1 TB HDD. I also tried the Iron Wolf 10tb drives on a HP laptop with 16 RAM and no go. Drives do not show up. Tried 2 10tb drives and 2 different hookups. The hookups both work with a 2tb Barracuda drive and works with a DVD drive, but not the 10's. Any ideas? Thanks
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