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    Born in L.A....NYC is 2nd home...Rustbelt is home base.
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    Curator and Archivist for small gauge film and still photo archive.

    Highest level candid photography.

    World leader in circular fisheye and infrared flash street photography.

    Underground social documentary photography.

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  1. I made about 5 films back in '74 / '75. 1-16mm and 4 -8mm. That was back in beginning cinema class. Had lots of censorship with my work, got disgusted and gave it up for a while. I traded a guy a motorcycle for an early Betamax recorder in '76 / '77 and one of the 'box with a lens' video cams for it. Made 4 - 5 videos. I could only keep it for a few months as I had to sell it to raise some $$. One of the vids was in interesting interview of a trans person. That was pretty rate back in the mid 70's. But lost all those early vids over time. Fast forward to modern times and have made about 10 videos and another 6 or 7 in the works. All short subject videos, nothing elaborate. And that is how I like it. My ADD wont go for long, complex projects. I like underground projects that are documentary in nature and don't involve dealing with people f2f. I'm not much of a people person. Generally speaking, movies require lots of cooperation from people . That is not up my alley. Neither are sunsets and nature, so I only work in a small sphere of making people videos with no cooperation from people in them. Most of my own work is still photography. A few years ago my low budget archive branched out into small gauge films, so have many hundred 8 and 16 reels in the collection. Just starting getting them digitized.
  2. If so, lets see it. (Unless you are embarrassed....even then, suck it up and let's see it!) Always interesting to see some of our backstory / history. From various moves, storage units and mismanagement I lost all my early films. But I do have this early one. (but not by my competence, it is just luck.) This was the 4th 8mm movie I shot from 1975. I used most of the film I shot for the project as one takes as I could barley afford the few rolls and processing to make it. I made it for the final exam of the beginning cinematography class at L.A.C.C. . When it came time for the public grading exhibition they blocked me from showing it. I guess it was a little too much for them. (In the early 70's L.A.C.C. was $6.50 a semester for all the classes you wanted to take.) This film was lost as well, but I found it in my mom's garden shed after she died. She had it in a bunch of trash packed in shed ready for dumping. I'm lucky she was kinda a clutterer and didn't get around to trashing it. It was in the hotbox shed stored outdoors in L.A.'s baking heat for 20 years. The film is a reenactment of the hoochie show Barbara performed in the carnival in the 1940's and 50's. While not exactly 'X' rated it is a notch above 'R' me thinks. I wish I had did a better job, the material is very rare. https://archive.org/details/GoneUpInSmoke https://archive.org/search.php?query=gone up in smoke teoli&and[]=mediatype%3A"movies" (Both links are for the same film. Sometimes the Archive has trouble with one of the links. YouTube wont for for it.)
  3. You brought up a good point I didn't think of. So your own or working for others is fine.
  4. I use Surefire tactical lights. But for self-defense.(combined with pepper spray) In NYC you can't have much for self-defense. If someone hits you with 1000 lumens in the dark you can't see for 15 - 20 seconds. 200 lumens is the minimum for self-defense, 1200 lumens is much better. Surefire is pricey, top shelf. You can also try Steamtight, they are cheaper. You may have to go down in power, 200 lumens may be too much, dunno. A household flashlight is about 10 - 20 lumens and wide beam. If you got a Cabela's nearby, lots of cheap lights that pack power. Check out https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/forum.php The home of flashlight fondlers! Good luck!
  5. What type of camera do you use? Are they converted cameras or factory made? Can you do it with something small like the Pocket Cinema 4K? Are the IR lights small? Does the IR light give off an orange glow or is the IR light invisible? Thanks
  6. 'Look at #metoo'... is a social documentary study of my tablet's screen of various girls on Instagram in the #metoo era. This is the short version of the video. The full length 37 minute video will be on the Internet Archive as it is too long for my Vimeo account. Note: lesbian separatists and third-wave feminists object to the use of the term 'girl' for any female after she has reached the age of menstruation. NSFW...ish In production are similar videos on stretch marks and acne.
  7. As shot with still cameras on video setting.
  8. Nice foundation he has set up. I'd like to do the same for small gauge film....if the lotto ever cooperates!
  9. I used a LED ring light, but not diffused.
  10. Dunno who took this...but love the Bobby soxers. 1940s 4 x 5 chrome (The girls were all natural back then!)
  11. I never could figure out them guys that would do lots of work shooting a movie with expired eBay film. I used to make fun of them. But I ended up on eBay buying used projector and editor bulbs and scrounging for acetate 16mm leader. So I guess it is payback / karma. (BTW, poly leader is a dust magnet, picks up all sort of crap. Go with acetate leader if you can.)
  12. I thought about asking for $, but the crowdfunding says no porn and about 40% to 60% of the archive is ancient stag films. I got a Retroscan scanner that does OK, but not the best. I keep buying lotto tickets so I can buy a Lasergraphics as well as a house or office to put the Lasergraphics in. But so far lotto is no cooperating. Many people have never seen a projected film. They can get mesmerized by it. When I was in grade school they would take us into the parish hall on Fridays and show us some 16mm films. One day, in Jr. college they wheeled in a cart with TV and VHS and that was the end of 16mm.
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