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    Born in L.A....NYC is 2nd home...Rustbelt is home base.
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    Curator and Archivist for Small Gauge Film / Still Photo / Ephemera / Audio / VHS Archive

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    World leader in Circular Fisheye & Infrared Flash Street Photography

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  1. Full report: The beginnings of the optical disc library – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – II (home.blog)
  2. https://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?166341-Masking-a-Ground-Glass-for-Cinema-Aspect-Ratios Interesting discussion from Large Format forum. I'd recommend artists tape. Leaves no residue. We use it for film work. Tested in freezing cold and 90 degree heat for a month. No residue.
  3. Ever see one of these? From 1970.
  4. Sure, happy to do so. Actually, the original scans are much, much higher. I usually scan at 600 to 800 dpi and reduced these scans about 80% in res. The slow internet here precludes uploading super high res. So, I try to strike a balance of decent res scans and occupying the internet here. You never know when your material may be the last extant copy of a thing. Don't sign your name to garbage res. Then again, I'm open content, so money is not an issue. If I sold stuff for money, I guess I send in crap res and watermark it. Open content you can do as you like. I'm trying to finish up with the Playboy VIP lot. Got about 8 more to do. Then hope to pull our film scanner and finish up year with some 16mm scans. It is a good way to end a year... vintage cine' film...my favorite!
  5. Yes, they sometimes ask high $$ for all sort of crazy stuff.
  6. I started to work with a curator-at-large in England that volunteers for my Archive. He buys items he wants scanned in the USA, has them shipped to me and I scan for him. Recently he picked up a lot of VIP Playboy Club magazines. I had forgot all about the Playboy Clubs and didn't know they even had a club magazine. Fascinating time capsule material. Internet Archive Search: VIP playboy club teoli Top right: Hefner and Barbi Benton 1972 I had a few people contact me in the past asking if they can help with the Archive. That is as far as things go. They flake out and never reply after I respond. It is good to get some new blood into the Archive for items I probably won't find / think of. I have a huge diversity of scope, but it can always be broadened. <><><><> Selection from Weekly World News Archive - DDTJRAC
  7. They (eBay) wants $80 for 1600' of trash film for art projects or decorator use. For $80 you can buy oddball film on reels and get maybe 2000' - 3,000' or more.
  8. I pack earplugs when going out. Good for subway, good for crazy movies, good for concerts. Protect your ears.
  9. When making the transition from film to digital, maybe so. After I learned enough and had some doable gear, all that was left was dig in and get some work done. When you come to that point, it us wonderful. You are free to create and not worry about technique or gear syndrome. Sometimes if we have a project that does not interest that much, then maybe escapism will show up if we are forced to do it. Walking and exercise is good. But the amount of work I have precludes me from doing much of it. Work is always gnawing at me. I used to get walking in with my still photography. In early 2021 I injured my foot and that hurt the walking. I've been gradually trying to get back into it, but nothing like before due to the foot.
  10. As I look at this on my tablet it has slightly more contrast than the monitor I used at the time. That is the problem with all these digital viewing devices. Laptops especially are prone to off color post work.
  11. Here is the deal. If you are not working for a paying client...you only have to please yourself with your work. Sometimes we don't know we have gone too far, until we do. I used to do a lot of hyper-real HDR about 10 years ago. I learned it from Les Krims. But eventually grew out of it and now use invisible HDR if I want it. But maybe a film in hyper-real HDR would look interesting. Faces of Gentrification Photos: D.D.Teoli Jr.
  12. Got timed out, but here is my choice for post. I've done lots of freaky post work in the past. But the subject matter must be of that nature. If you want her over saturated and that is how the film is, then go for it.
  13. I think I'd like something in between the 2 choices. Here is the deal. Everyplace you view the film needs its own grade. TV looks different than YouTube and YouTube looks different than Vimeo and projection looks different than the computer screen
  14. I've been finishing up a project archiving 299 artist's books for sale. I came across one today in the collection called Morgue. It was more of a 5-print portfolio than a book and sold for $3.7K. I looked into it via Google and found a review here: with reference to death – the only way out is in (philippocock.net) Apparently, the reviewer didn't like the Morgue project very much. Anyway, that website has a bunch of interesting posts of death as art. But the rest looks like it is art and not actual death as art. http://interspire.e-flux.com/admin/temp/newsletters/5908/june22_zuecca_img2.jpg http://images.artnet.com/images_US/magazine/news/nathan/art-42-basel-6-14-11-1.jpg Selection from Weekly World News Newsprint Archive DDTJRAC
  15. When shipping special film, you can go Registered USPS mail. I've had lots of problems with Priority Mail. The post office is hiring lots of part time people so they don't have to pay benefits and they are delivering my mail to other people. Has happened a few times now this year. Maybe Registered mail has gone to hell too, but it used to be the most secure way to ship. Everyone that receives it along the way has to sign for it.
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