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  1. Working on archive for most part. Biz as usual, no rest. I work year round day and night. Just more stress trying not to get virus when I go out for food a couple times a week. Been making good progress with Fredericks of Hollywood archive. Have completed a few thousand scans so far. About 65% done. Also working on a sod house archive from 1890s. Hope to make a video about the sodbusters. About 35% done. Then have many thousand scans to PP. Working on many other small projects, too many to name. Trying to spend a little more time with exercise. Back went out 4 weeks ago. I was using a copy stand shooting oversize art for a few hours on the floor. That fixed my back good. Today is first day it has been slightly better. At morning can hardly get out of bed from back pain. I drool over getting an adjustable work table someday. For most of my life I have worked on oversize projects on the floor. I live a life of endless work. Can't blame anyone but me...I took it all on. I am closing out some areas of the archive as I have to face the facts that I may never get to working with it as my years and health are running out. No use adding more fuel to the proverbial fire. If I had more money maybe I could hire some help. But hiring people has it's own problems. I need to start spending more time on health...so I can get a few more years to get some of this work done. Glad you are all relaxing. Everyone looks good! Now is the time for you to get some sleep. When you get old it is harder to sleep. Your brain is like an overworked, jammed up computer. Sorry can't post photos of work samples. My kb limit is too low. Best regards to all...stay safe.
  2. Doug, can't answer your question. I can only relate what the late Robby Müller had said in an interview. Even if it was a large street scene Müller liked to light the entire scene so he needed to make the least amount of cuts. He said every time you stopped the camera for a cut to set up a new shot, you lose the flow of energy...or something to that effect. Good luck!
  3. I hope to do a film on the sodbusters. Similar to my previous Cotton Pickers film. I tried to get you a photo of a sodbuster family with animal pelts hanging to cure on their sod house and plants growing out their roof, but no matter how I tried I could not get it under 30KB to post here. This article will give you a rundown on sodbusters. It is fascinating stuff! https://truewestmagazine.com/the-sodbusters-historian/
  4. Someone sent me an email trying to sell me hard drives. They said March 31 was world backup day. I never heard of it, but it is true. https://www.google.com/search?nfpr=1&sxsrf=ALeKk03SI132ZYhAVQkSKvO80Cyk4kOaAw:1585660485770&q=world+backup+day&spell=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiciPTP5cToAhWOWM0KHcekD9AQBSgAegQIDhAm&biw=960&bih=687 https://blog.macsales.com/43702-we-bet-you-didnt-know-that-your-hdds-or-ssds-may-need-exercise-too/ As I've told you before...put it on M-disc if you want permanence.
  5. I need a 1/4 - 20 standard tripod thread one inch riser. Acratech makes a nice one but it can't be adapted top and bottom to 1/4 - 20.
  6. OP, one of my late mentors used to say he didn't like the camera work to over power the subject. In other words he liked the photography to be invisible. But that is just one person's opinion. Now, the average Jane or Joe may not know or care because they don't have a trained eye to notice unless things are very extreme and in your face. With cine' work you can develop a story over time. With still photos you have to do it all with one image. But whether still or cine', many of us use tools to one degree or another so we can use to call attention to our image.….high or low contrast, HDR, grain, color whether muted, bold or selective, BW, sharpness, diffusion, composition, bokeh, lighting, subject matter, etc. And with cine' work you have many other tools to use with camera movement.
  7. Yes, concur. America is not the ideal place to get it done in an authoritarian or socialized way. Supposedly virus can be killed if it runs out of hosts. But it is so catchy and virulent, that if you miss just a few infected people the virus can erupt again. From my understanding it spread worldwide just from 1 person. But the big question / worry is...does it go away or go dormant in the summer. Scary as hell how our lives worldwide have been destroyed with a invisible microbe.
  8. How much does it cost to transfer a 1 inch master video tape to DVD? And who does that type of work in the USA?
  9. This gal Ada Luisa Trillo wanted to be in my LinkedIn. When it comes to LinkedIn I'm kinda choosy as to who I let in. Just as you can dilute your portfolio with garbage and personal material, you can dilute your internet presence with whom you associate with. Sometimes with Google searches you find their work comes up when someone searches for you and vice versa. (I go into that in the link at the end.) Now, I can't say anything ever came of LinkedIn, it is just another venue to broadcast my work to. But I am able to connect to some big names in various areas of interest. In Ada's case first thing I did was to Google her. Specifically a Google image search. I don't like to read...I like to see. I'm a photog and she said she is a photog. So I don't need your artist's statement or resume, lets cut the bullshit and see your photos / films / art. Well, within 15 - 20 seconds I liked what I saw, so I accepted her request. Here is some of her work. (The nude, fat Mexican hooker sold me!) NSFW https://www.google.com/search?q=Ada+Luisa+Trillo&sxsrf=ALeKk021ZYLfmUPEBAtNcrDJAQqhZy-E9g:1584568243299&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjrkI7agKXoAhUOV80KHQ6cBTcQ_AUoAnoECAsQBA&biw=960&bih=687#imgrc=stEKTQDe0DBpcM Here is an old post I wrote entitled: "If your serious…don’t make the mistake that many photographers do by diluting a portfolio with lots of garbage and personal photos." NSFW https://danielteolijr.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/if-your-serious-dont-make-the-mistake-that-many-photographers-do-by-diluting-a-portfolio-with-lots-of-garbage-and-personal-photos/ I wrote it a long time ago. I can't say I follow my own rules as strictly as I used to. After I got my work into 130+ museums and curated collections, I didn't care as much. And after I started broadcasting my work with hundreds of areas of collection for archival preservation, I didn't care as much. But for you guys and gals that do care, it is something to think about as you try to make a name for yourself. Just remember, once it is online it is hard to get rid of. So for those that care, Google yourself and see if you are happy with what you find. And don't forget to see all search options. All News Images Maps Videos More
  10. I was thinking for a feature film. But am not picky.
  11. Make a podcast on how to convert video to MP4 and keep the sound synched with lips.
  12. Everything else seems to decay. Even DVD's decay, but the M-Disc is pretty archival. Hard drives seem to lose magnetism over time and the data needs to be re-written to a new part of the drive. The new solid state drives are supposedly very bad for uncharged storage and need to be charged often. I read they may only hold data for a few months or a year without a charge. LTO tape is magnetic based, so it may suffer the same as hard drives with magnetic decay. I was told flash cards are good for 10 years with no charge, but have not tested it. I've tested SD flash cards and they hold the data at least for 5 years with no charge. And unless something is actually tested and tested well, all this is hearsay. The general consensus is to just keep transferring the data to newer and newer forms of storage. But sooner or later you lose something in the translation or something gets left out. It is nice to be able to archive something finally and for the archival record without fears of decay. They got crystal storage, as in laser engraved synthetic quartz, that is very good. But even after 10 years of development they wont come out with it for the general public. And when I say very good, I'm just reading about what they say, I have no experience with crystal storage. Who knows, maybe the crystal drive would cost $10K? For now if you want anything archival and digital, it is the M-Disc. I'm currently finishing up testing a huge group of optical media. About 85% of tests are done, but still have a few stragglers to complete. The original Millenniata M-Disc is very impressive. It survived a year in the sun with no issues whatever, whereas a normal organic based DVD dies in +/- 26 days of sun and a MAM gold DVD lasted only +/- 36 days in the sun. It does not matter if Taiyo-Yuden, AZO or what. If it is organic...the sun will destroy it in short order. The discontinued original Kodak 100 year gold discs were the best DVD I have tested that is not a M-Disc. The Kodak gold were much better than the current MAM gold disc. The Kodak gold disc lasted +/- 55 days of sun. People nowadays rave about the cloud. Well as soon as your account is 30 days in arrears they delete all your data, photos and videos. And who is going to find it in time to archive when you're gone? There is nothing like having something physical...archival.
  13. Anyone shoot one? How long do they average? What type of budget did you have to shoot it?
  14. Hard to compare the Wuhan virus to 1918. Back then they were in the stone age. You have to think how Wuhan would have been back then, not now.
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