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  1. Hey, you are old school like me. I scour eBay to find used lightbulbs for my projector and Zeiss viewer. Talk to this group or the 8mm forum/s. They deal with lots of projectors. (27) 16mmFilmtalk.com - Index page You have to join the 16mm forum to see it. 8mm Forum - 8mm Forum (film-tech.com) I'd think the film shooters here get their stuff digitized. The few that project probably use a digital projector. (But am guessing.) Good luck!
  2. There is tradeoffs between the two. Use what you like best if can afford it. Some may like film, but they can't afford it.
  3. Why don't you open it up to see? If you use oversize cans for double reels you can out it metal containers of desiccant that can be regenerated. The little paper packs are probably useless. When they were fresh they work, but if left exposed to humid air they don't absorb moisture any more. You need to get some indicator silica gel to see how fast it gets depleted with moisture in your use of it. If you got lots of little paper packs open them up and you can probably regenerate in the oven. But study it up first. I regenerated the real stuff for many years. But the packets may contain who
  4. Yes, get a hygrometer. With forced air heat in the winter moisture is low. In summer, humid climates moisture is high...generally speaking. Buy bulk white silica gel and a pound of indicator silica gel. It goes from pink to blue when it absorbs moisture. Mix the indicator with the white silica gel. Pour some in used jam jars with no lids and when it changes color regenerate in a hot oven. I used to do it for years when I had lots of guns. But it does not work in rooms unless you got a massive amount. I'm talking using it in gun safes or similar enclosed areas. If you are talking ab
  5. Illustrates lens diffraction from aperture changes of f2.8 - f22. Ciné Kodak Special F-Stop Diffraction Tests D.D.Teoli Jr. : D.D.Teoli Jr. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Download to pixel peep.
  6. Total 61 used 16mm plastic film cores. Good condition. 55 - 2 inch 6 - 3 inch Variety of colors $24 + shipping
  7. Lens is SOLD I still have the boxed 35mm TS lens I will list for sale shortly. I will post price once it is determined.
  8. Great blow by blow series! I like the photo of the stack of film cans. Next time hire a free intern student to shoot more stills of the production. Don't know what the film is about from the demo. But beautiful photography. I like all those slow pans you did. Give a breakdown as to the $$ if you care to. Such as costs for film, processing, scans PP, rentals, etc. Looks like an expensive project with all that film. Did you have to pay the cops to shut down the street for the night shots? "Over-all, I need to do more takes. Even if you think you got it, run another one. Re
  9. Forum members can have it for $52 + shipping. Need Bellows Lens Hood Shade | eBay Comes with 77mm ring. You can use a step down adapter to fit other lens sizes for most cameras. I used it on a Fuji. Has slot on front for filters or slide in items. Nice shape. Only used a few times then stored. Payment via PayPal for merch. US shipping only.
  10. CANON TS 35mm F/2.8 SSC Tilt Shift Lens For FD mount | eBay I got it listed for $345 + shipping. If anyone can use it, forum members can have it for $335 + shipping. Payment via PayPal merchandise. No shipping outside of USA. I also have one in the box like new, but lots more $$. Low $400's
  11. A guy from New Zealand wrote me about some of my hand-colored photos I had at my website. They are not ones I did, they are archival material. He was involved in a project on coloring photos. Here is a video he sent me. The Colourist on Vimeo A lot of the early colored or tinted photos I have are in the form of RPPC or Japanese albumen prints made for the tourist market of the late 1800's. They are much cruder than top notch hand-colored photos. Internet Archive Search: hand colored teoli Over time they kept improving with the coloring, but still not there yet. Select
  12. Comparing bleed-through from a flatbed scanner vs. a sheet fed scanner – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – II (home.blog) And how to minimize it
  13. Well, still film was previously mentioned here, so I talked about it. Freestyle used to sell odd ball repackaged expired 35mm movie film for still photogs. About $1.50 per hundred feet back in the 70's. They were specialists in repacking surplus expired media. Film seems to be on a one-way $$ trajectory...UP. If anyone has some graphs showing otherwise, lets see em.
  14. GD...this sounds more like a survival forum than cinetogs. The problem with gold is it too $$. An ounce is like $2,000. Can't buy a bottle of water with your oz of gold. A better barter thing nowadays is bullets or 90% silver dimes. I'd say film is pretty dead with still cams. Can't say about movies. For me, it is all film with my archival work. Got close to a million feet now. You guys should find some charts to support your theories of film making a comeback. That is all they talk about on the vintage cam forums. Tri X used to be $7 a roll back in the day. Now... Kodak
  15. Back in the day we always froze our still film with no problems. But it was factory packed in sealed foil. The stores would keep it in a fridge... Film Stored In Cooler D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : D.D.Teoli Jr. A.C. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
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