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Found 2 results

  1. 152mm Cooke Telepanchro T3.2 Lens For Sale Serviced in 2020 Marked in both Imperial and Metric Close Focus: 8' PL mount No case included This beautiful and very rare lens covers full frame sensors and complements the “Cooke Look” of Series II & III Speed Panchros very well. 152mm Cooke Telepanchro lenses in such clean condition are incredibly rare. Serviced by IndieOptics (a Panavision lens technician) in August 2020 (3 hours labor, receipt available), with no use since then, the glass is in excellent condition for the age, with minimal contamination and just a few (very small/light) marks on the elements. This is an excellent sample for rehousing with True Lens Services, which would also improve close focus (their current wait is approx 16-20 weeks). With that said, this lens is PL-mounted and geared for both focus and iris, and is usable as-is without rehousing. Focus and iris are both smooth, just not as *perfect* as a TLS-rehoused lens. The lens does *not* rotate as you pull focus (so you can use a clip-on matte box), and only telescopes forwards/backwards less than half an inch. It's about a 85mm front diameter with the lens hood, and about 66mm without. The lens has a beautiful 16-bladed iris for perfectly smooth round bokeh. Pictured both with and without the metal screw-on lens hood. Detailed IndieOptics report with images available. If you'd like to pay for an independent evaluation in NYC or Los Angeles (with shipping), I'm also open to that. Link to TLS's specs, in case you're interested in their rehousing after purchase: https://www.truelens.co.uk/telepanchro-152/t3.2 I owned another one of these very rare 152mm Telepanchros (but TLS-rehoused, see picture of the two next to each other), which I sold for $16K in 2022. I'm asking US $9,000 for this lens, providing an opportunity to save a few thousand dollars even if you do decide to rehouse it with TLS. I'd prefer a local (NYC) or Los Angeles (via family/friend) sale. I will consider domestic shipping after that, and potentially international shipping after that. High resolution images available: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjB5oJE
  2. This lens is in excellent optical condition: it's rare to find such a clean 25mm Series III lens with high serial number starting with a 7, making it among the last made, since you won't find any Panchro serial numbers starting with an 8. I'd say this is an excellent candidate for rehousing (ex. TLS). While it has a *tiny* amount of contamination (barely visible), that would be cleaned out during a rehousing. There's only the lightest/smallest cleaning marks (light scratches in the coatings) in the front/rear elements. No haze, no fungus, no yellowing, no oil on the iris blades, no scratches or cracks or pits that I can see. Mechanically, focus and iris are reasonably smooth, but I would always recommend rehousing. I shot a project on a set of freshly serviced (but unrehoused) CSP lenses years ago and they all exhibited some image shift when pulling focus - and I'd guess this lens would be the same. I ended up planning all my shots without focus pulls. This lens is Arri Standard Mount. TLS makes a very nice Arri Standard to PL adapter (Duclos Lenses sell it in the US). But as I said, I always recommend rehousing. In my experience, the PL mount adapters only make the focus movement less smooth, and they sometimes collide with internal baffles on cameras, like Alexas. This lens has been kept in a lens dry box (electronic humidity controlled) since I bought it in mid-2019, and I never got to actually use it besides a quick test. The previous owner clearly had it serviced with fresh yellow paint and focus gear added, but I don't know what year that was, and I noticed there's a bit of a gap where the gear screws together (it may just needs tightening). Front and rear lens caps included. I'd prefer an in-person NYC sale. I can also ship within the U.S. (2nd preference) or abroad (3rd preference) if you pay the PayPal fees and shipping with insurance. I may also be able to coordinate an in-person sale in Los Angeles through a friend. Pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXbqKyb
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