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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I'm graduating high school this year, and I'm eager to learn as much as I can about shooting on 16 and 35mm because that is what I what to specialize in as a DP. Instead of studying film in university, I have decided to take the alternative route of technical skill based learning. Some of the information on these forums is outdated, so what are current running workshops, courses, artist residences, and programs that teach 16mm and analog cinematography? I have experience with teaching myself how to shoot 16mm on a Bolex through YouTube videos, but I would like better professional knowledge that goes more in depth than my online research ever could. I would like to know of any programs out there, whether they are academically or non-academically based.
  2. Hi, I stopped shooting 4-5 years ago due to a sports injury which lead me to working in another field but now I want to start shooting again and I'm feeling a bit behind in the tech, workflow and rusty in my skills. I'm lucky enough to be visiting LA early next year & I'm looking at the ASC Masterclass. I'm concerned it's not really hands on? Is it? Isn't it? I see they're using the Alexa and going through the most current workflows etc but is it mostly learning through demonstration or are we able to get our hands on the tech, lights & set up some shots? Anyone who's done it got any reviews? What did u get out of it? Can anyone recommend an int-adv Cinematography workshop that's very hands on in or around LA? I don't often get over to the US so I'd really like to grab the opportunity. Thanks.
  3. Hello all! I've been searching the internet for 16mm courses or workshops in Europe for this autumn or next spring. I found these interesting workshops on experimental 16mm work in Australia: http://www.artistfilmworkshop.org/workshops/ Does anybody here know of something similar in Europe? Thanks in advance, Oona
  4. Hi! Met Film School in London has got these two weekend-courses that I would love to recommend (filmmaking). The school is located ten minutes walking distance from the station: Ealing Broadway. The famous studio "Ealing studios" is right next to the school. Maybe you can meet up with Daniel Radcliffe after school? Never done anything with filmmaking before? Then you should apply for the course: DSLR for professional filmmaking. It is a weekend course that is designed for those with a working understanding of the principals of cinematography or stills photography that want to apply this knowledge specifically to shooting with digital SLR cameras. You will learn how to get the best from a DSLR camera and how to make use of a selection of accessories specifically designed for video shootings on stills cameras. Through a range of creative exercises you will discover the pros and cons of working with these systems and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Done some filmmaking before? Do you want something more advanced? You should apply for our course: Advanced DSLR for professional filmmaking. This course is designed for students who have previously completed the DSLR for professional filmmaking course, or those with an extensive DSLR and/or cinematography background. This programme covers areas from focus and operating, to sound sync and postproduction workflows. The aim of this programme is to provide you with the fundamental knowledge to shoot and finish DSLR video footage to its highest standard. Apply now on their website: http://www.metfilmschool.co.uk/
  5. Anyone that has applied to the cinematography course this year (starting Jan/Feb 2014)? Heard a few people have got replies saying they have not got in, but I havn't heard anything? Wondered if others had?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a new DP based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm looking to come to L.A to do a course or workshop in Cinematography to further my skills and career, and for the experience of it. Can anyone recommend a good course, workshop or classes to do? Many thanks, Steven You can view my reel at www.stevenabercrombycook.com
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