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  1. Thanks man. I've been going round & round in my head for so long...I dunno which way is up! Ahhhahahah I wish I were young again, would have done things a bit differently, but I'm where I am & trying to make the best of it.
  2. Hey guys, I haven’t been on here for a while. I’m looking for some advice. Sorry if this is long winded…It’s been in my head for a while. I’m a Scottish DP based in Hong Kong and I’m thinking about relocating back to the UK & trying to get into production work. A bit about me : I have an undergrad in Film from 20 years ago and about 10+ years experience in the camera side of production…everything from AC to Gaffer to DP but mainly on small productions - loadsa of Short films, Indie Music Vids & tons of corporates. (I’ve shot corporates & Indie stuff in about 12 diff
  3. Hi, I stopped shooting 4-5 years ago due to a sports injury which lead me to working in another field but now I want to start shooting again and I'm feeling a bit behind in the tech, workflow and rusty in my skills. I'm lucky enough to be visiting LA early next year & I'm looking at the ASC Masterclass. I'm concerned it's not really hands on? Is it? Isn't it? I see they're using the Alexa and going through the most current workflows etc but is it mostly learning through demonstration or are we able to get our hands on the tech, lights & set up some shots? Anyon
  4. Thanks James, I'm checking it out now! J
  5. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a lighting software programme for a Mac? I always draw my plans by hand and sometimes use something like Word and make a simple plan with colours indicating differnt lights etc..... There must be a better way?! I'm also interested in software where I can place specific lights, colour temp, output etc...and see how it falls and spreads within the space for learning purposes and trying out new ideas. J
  6. Looks somewhat greenish on the left and warm on the right. Is this the film stock colouring, or post or a hue coming of a reflector or a the temp of a fill light? I really like just a pin of light in the eyes and the molding.
  7. Hi guy & gals, I'm gonna be using the HVX and a 35mm adaptor. I want to get the really sudued colour and really deeeeep blacks that they used in the earlier seasons of Supernatural while retaining those nice pink/dewy skin tones and I'm not sure how to do that? Menus or lighting or a mixture of both? Or should I shoot it normal and get my post guy to create the look? I've looked at the locations and they are pretty grey and dreary already which I guess helps, I'm gonna be messing with the white balance of the cam, I'm gonna try using some white balance cards I made that are v
  8. Hey everyone, I've been looking at a lot of music videos lately and found some interesting looks and techniques I'd like to try out in particular the look of stop motion, both Coldplay and Radiohead have done it recently but I really don't know how they shot it?? Or was it all done in post - and I'm guessing the play back speed has to be manipulated. DOes anyone know or want to guess?? In the Coldplay vid the texture on the vid - is that a filter on the lens or done in post?? I have a HVX200. Check them out here if you haven't seen them. Coldplay : http://hk.youtube.com/w
  9. Thanks, I thought it was prob live action, it's an interesting look, thanks for the links.. Jac
  10. Hi, I have been given the following video clip as a reference by a director to try and emulate the look, but I'm not sure how they have shot it, I'm figuring that it's ether Stop motion or it's a clean video shoot manipulated in post. If it was done using one of these processes will both of these types of approach give the same end effect - or is one better than the other?? Any thoughts?? ANyone had experience doing something like this vid Jacqueline...
  11. I'm interested in exploring female DP's work, who are your top 5? Jacqueline...
  12. Hey Freya, Thanks, that's interesting news that Morgan is here - he gave me some solid advice for applying the first year I tried. I'll look him up and see where things go. Lv Jacqueline.
  13. Hi guys, I think a lot of us are in the same boat. I finally decided not to apply this year - I just didn't have enough new material that I thought was top notch. I think the reality for most people at our level is most of us have regular or part-time jobs to pay the bills and shoot on the side - I work freelance in Hong Kong as a Drama teacher and also as a Filmmaking teacher and do no-budget shorts, music vids on the side and the occasional paid corporate gig when it comes around. What do you guys in London do, Hong Kong rent is expensive but everything else is pretty cheap - I don't
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