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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I am doing more and more full frame work, and doing some research about the optical full frame Directors Viewfinders options out there (non-digital). I was wondering if anyone had any particular insight into the various options that exist? I am aware of the: Denz "Director's Viewfinder OIC FF" Lindsey Optics "Large Format Directors Viewfinder" and PS Technik "Optica Magnus" Are there any that I am missing? Would love to hear if anyone has experience with any of these. I think the Denz and PS Technik also support anamorphic, The Lindsey Optics does not currently
  2. Apologies if this question has already been addressed, but by what I could tell actual mathematical calculations haven't been brought up. Right now I have an Alan Gordon Mark V director's viewfinder. I'm trying to figure out what the exact focal lengths (Give or take 2-3 millimeter) would be for commonly used sensor sizes such as full frame, Canon aps-c, and the Red Scarlet. After calling Alan Gordon this is what I know for sure. The 35mm window is based off of super 35 3-perf film, 24.9 x 13.9. My baseline that would remain consistent on the viewfinder for these calculations would be
  3. I am planning to buy Director's viewfinder. This is the one I am going for. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/195356-REG/Alan_Gordon_Enterprises_1000_01_Mark_Vb_Director_s_Viewfinder.html As I am a student, I can get the student discount, around 75 dollars less. So far I have used the viewfinder only once and I liked it. My friends are using iPhone apps and told me that the apps pretty much function the same as viewfinder and they cost only $30. * Is it worth buying actual viewfinders over apps? Are there any big difference? * I am also considering the other options - micro and
  4. I have an Alan Gordon Mark V DV in near perfect condition I'm thinking of selling. Wondering if there's a market, what a good price might be. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
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