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Found 3 results

  1. Bill DiPietra

    Red Workflow

    I see that Red now has a plug-in for Final Cut Pro 10 users. Does anyone know if footage from any Red camera system would be compatible with Final Cut Pro 7? Or would one have to use the Red editing platforms that were initially introduced with the Red One? Just trying to get a handle on what the workflow is like these days with those systems. Thanks.
  2. Strange problem I'm having. Maybe someone has seen this before and/or has some insight. I'm working on a shoot and did all the editing in FCP, then did my usual routine and sent to Apple Color from FCP. Loads into Color no problem, I do my grade, everything looks good. The render took waaaaaayyyy longer than I thought it should have for a 5 minute clip. But, figured maybe system resources were low or something. Roundtripped to FCP, and everything was black. Dug into the render files in the Color folder in Finder and all the files were black as well. All codecs are the same, settings, etc, as the stuff in FCP and I double checked other projects I've done successfully and all settings match. So I tried popping over a previous project into Color, same method, and just did a quick 4 second clip to check. When I popped that over into Color, nothing even shows up on the viewer. Scopes show everything as black. The clip in the timeline has a thumbnail on it, but not getting anything. I didn't even try to render anything because I just figured it would come back black, but, I've also never seen this happen before, so figured I need to fix something anyway. Is this something I can fix easily in settings somewhere? Or, should I just uninstall/reinstall everything. One weird thing that I did do differently maybe, was I had some graphic slates that we were using for titles, and they were rendering pixelated, so I read up and saw the animation codec is supposed to work better. I duplicated that sequence and tried it and confirmed, but this was not the sequence I sent over to Color. I didn't want to mess with anything just yet. So the Animation codec was only applied to a separate sequence. Could this have changed something in a global FCP setting somewhere? The settings for the sequence in FCP all read ProRes 422, 1080, etc, as well as Color settings. Very confusing and frustrating.
  3. if there is a more appropriate forum or sub-forum for this question, please let me know. i have some documenation footage of a live performance which includes super 8 film projections (18fps) on a screen in the background. the footage was shot with a GH2 at 1080i (60i). i ingested the footage into FCP using the compressor setting for "Pro Res 422 for interlaced material". the footage looks pretty good in the timeline but there is definitely a film flicker which i'm assuming is due to the inconsistency of frame rates between the super8 projection and the frame rate of the GH2 which was capturing the performance. my question is, what can I do at this point, if anything, to correct or reduce the flicker, and what would be the best way to shoot something similar (scene that includes 18fps film projection) in the future using a GH2? thanks in advance, _jc
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