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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I'm shooting a film in a couple weeks, and one of our night scenes calls for our actors to be holding flashlights (which will be lighting key areas of the scene/action). These flashlights may be the only light source(s) in the scene. I would like these flashlights to be as bright as possible, and spread their light very wide (not be super focused). We are shooting at 23.976 fps, ISO 800, at 5K with a RED Epic. Do you have any recommended flashlights for these conditions? I am interested in LED flashlights but am concerned about flicker. Thank you for your help, Suzanne
  2. Hi everyone! What are folks using these days for high-output sharp-beamed flashlights? I have a scene primarily lit by a flashlight cutting through a (haze-filled) dark church. I'd love the sharp edges (almost Source-4ish) of what they had with the Maxabeam in Jurassic Park, but in a smaller package. I'm F55 on this, but I might be overcranked so figure I'll be at 640ISO at a T2.8 and need the beam to really cut through the haze. Maglight sized would be great. Blue beam is fine. Anything new and exciting out there for sharp flashlights or do I need to have the actor use an old boxy Maxabeam? Thanks! -George
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