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  1. I want to use some bluetooth (ipad/iphone) controlled colour-changing light bulbs, similar to the popular "play bulbs". Does anyone have any recommendations for good brands/types to use when shooting 23.976fps? I want to avoid flicker, etc. Thank you!
  2. Hi! I'm shooting a film in a couple weeks, and one of our night scenes calls for our actors to be holding flashlights (which will be lighting key areas of the scene/action). These flashlights may be the only light source(s) in the scene. I would like these flashlights to be as bright as possible, and spread their light very wide (not be super focused). We are shooting at 23.976 fps, ISO 800, at 5K with a RED Epic. Do you have any recommended flashlights for these conditions? I am interested in LED flashlights but am concerned about flicker. Thank you for your help, Suzanne
  3. Thank you so much everyone, I think I will attempt filming at 23.976 with a 144 shutter and using phase to place the lines. Afterward I'll film "plate" shots of the TV so vfx can place image "behind" the rounded glass if the former method just didn't work out. Thank you again so much for all your help, I feel more confident going into this shot. Suz
  4. Hi! Next weekend I am working on a project where script calls for shooting images that are playing on a CRT (old style 80s/90s) television screen. We are shooting on 16mm using an Arri SR3. I have read that possible solutions to avoiding the banding include: shooting at 23.976 fps with a shutter angle of 144 degrees and using the phase button to position the thin band, shooting at 29.97 fps with a 180 degree shutter angle, or shooting at 24 fps with a 144 degree shutter angle and having a very thin band that may not be too noticeable. I'd love any additional insights or techniques that worked well for you in this kind of a situation. We are not able to place an LCD screen behind the old TV glass, unfortunately. Thank you so much, Suzanne
  5. I'm shooting a film on 16mm, and am unsure where to send my film to be developed and scanned. I would like to have my film developed and scanned at Fotokem, but am also considering Metropolis Post. I would love any help or guidance here, thank you so much, Suzanne
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