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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings again, What are the effects of a haze filled set on front projection VFX techniques? Before I test myself, I'm reaching out instead of re-inventing a mistake :lol: The haze is meant for adding depth and the illusion of indoor smoke. This is for a static/locked shot meant to create the illusion of a living room on fire, with talent on a couch (think Syndoche NY, Barton Fink). My thought is: Since the projected light is in parallel to the recorded light, the evenly dense haze will appear brighter/more dense by reflecting light, will not create the appearance of light pillars, but will reduce the power and effectiveness of the Scrotchlite screen. My expanded question comes down to: Will haze defeat too much light, block the subject, and make the screen unusable? Perhaps a balance can me made employing minor amounts of haze. My recent post regarding filming the illusion of fire, got me thinking about front projection as one of several "tricks" to use at once: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=71850 Thanks for all advise and feedback! Recommendations on a "good-enough-and-under-a-grand" digital projector are welcomed. Or any recommendations on where to rent a better-more-pro projector in the SF Bay area.
  2. Hello! I'm shooting a short film on B&W 35mm (this is a strict decision of the director and I- it's set in the 1960s are we feel that shooting film is crucial to this story). We have quite a few scenes in a 'beach house' set where the windows look out onto the ocean. We will need to digitally project an ocean outside the windows but my concerns are - how do we get the brightest image so that the outside is overexposed than the inside? I know I will have to shoot wider open so the projector overpowers the light sources inside. we are thinking of putting up a giant white muslin around the outside of the windows and doing something similar to what Claudio did on Oblivion. http://www.fdtimes.com/2013/03/29/claudio-miranda-asc-on-oblivion/ the only problem being that we can't afford 21 projectors. Perhaps only two or three. Does anyone have any better ideas for this? Is front projection the best way to go? Thank so much. Kate
  3. Hello, my name is Alessandro Vasapolli and this is my first post on this forum even if I have been following you for a while. I am trying to set up a front projection stage but, being it the first time I do it, I have many questions... I have tried to read all I could and I tried to look online as well but I could not find answers so please excuse me for the, maybe, obvious question that I will make... So, first of all the material for the screen... On another post here on cinematography.com (that I can't find anymore) I have found out that the material should be the 3M Scotchlite High Gain Reflective Sheeting (7610) but, speacking with the rapresentative here in Italy they did not know what I was talking about... Also, on the PDF that I have found, it seems like that the only possible sizes are: 1/2 in. (1.27 cm), 3/4 in. (1.90 cm), 1 in. (2.54 cm), 2 in. (5.08 cm)... I guess there is an error or how do you make a screen out of it? The second question I have is regarding the mirror used to reflect the light from the projector: how big should it be (my screen will be approximately 3mt * 3.5mt)? Also, here in Italy seems like that all the beamsplitter mirror also reduce the lights on both sides as they are mainly used in buildings as glass for the windows. The commercial name of what I have found is "stop-sol". I think that's all for now but I'll surely come up with more questions once I'll hear your answers so thank you very much in advance for your help! Ale 7610.pdf
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