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Found 2 results

  1. As title states, I'm having problems with infinity focus on my 18mm Cooke Speed Panchro f1.7 (Arri-S mount, no rehoused) on my RED DRAGON 6K (WEAPON), and there could be a number of factors in play I was hoping someone could shed a light on the most likely issue. The "symptom" (or issue) I'm facing is when turned to infinity, the image is currently out of focus (it's not soft like focusing past infinity, it's actually out of focus - not totally so, but it seems to be focused on a plane before infinity). There are a few things in play here which I will state below (which I think any of which could be causing the issue). (1) I have a RafCamera Arri-S to Arri PL adapter fit on. I'm not new to this adapter, and I'm using 2 of these for my Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm and Cooke Kinetal 50mm respectively on RED GEMINI and RED KOMODO and they work okay, no issue at all. They focus fine to infinity, and focus ring is smooth. However, with this newest lens and adapter I got, without the adapter on, the focus turns quite fine as well; once the adapter is on, the focus ring is noticeably a little bit more resistant to turning (but still turn-able with a follow focus unit). (2) The 18mm CSP seems mechanically different to my existing 32mm CSP and 50mm Cooke Kinetal. The 18mm I noticed has 2 rings, one for focus, one for aperture. The 32mm CSP and 50mm Kinetal does not have a seperate ring for Aperture, and aperture is adjusted by turning the front of the lens. (I'm not sure if this is even a factor, I'm simply stating an observation). (3) My RED DRAGON 6K has a Low Light Optimized OLPF (filter) fit on. I just took over this unit, and it comes with Low Light Optimized OLPF - I'm in the midst of getting the Skin Tone Highlight OLPF instead (because I don't shoot Low Light), and I've kinda read that Low Light generally can affect infinity focus, though again, I'm not sure if it actually causes inifnity focus to go off this much. (4) I'm not sure if my RED DRAGON 6K has had its backfocus adjusted. The backfocus may have been adjusted for the previous lenses it housed, but I'm not sure and I can't really check because the seller was a production house that has clocked over 3.3K hours on the unit, and they've used it with other cameras for multiple productions and shoots - they don't really remember if they did adjust the backfocus on the unit. Although, does backfocus affect infinity focus? That one, I'm not sure. (5) My RED DRAGON 6K uses the older Titanium PL Mount. I'm not sure if this is even a consideration, but it simply is an observation against my RED GEMINI which uses the (newer) Magnesium PL Mount - as far as I know, the difference between the two PL mounts is only in terms of make and weight, but I'm not sure. I'm not looking for the one solution at this stage, but I was hoping to save some time hopefully if I could get help and eyes from more experienced shooters on what might be the most likely culprit as to what's happening here. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys! My Kipon FD to C mount Adapter doesn't allow my FD lenses to focus to infinity. I can close focus just fine. The adapter is screwed on all the way. At least it won't let me screw it on anymore. This is all judging from the viewfinder. I haven't shot any tests with the lens adapter combo. I was hoping to get away with spending $40 on this Kipon adapter I purchased from adorama, instead of the $200 one that Les quoted for his custom machine made one. http://www.lesbosher.co.uk Does anyone ever use FD lenses with their Bolex cameras anymore? Not much comes up on google or the forum search. Hard to find recent examples too. The one example of the Bolex EBM Super 16 shot with FD lenses by Elliot Rudman is incredible but almost a decade old now. I'm looking for recent examples and recent adapters that you guys are using that work. I do know Elliot got his custom made from Les. But honestly, I rather just buy the kern switar lenses instead of using FD lenses with a $200 adapter especially if they are better quality anyway. Plus I only have 2 FD lenses for my AE-1 and nothing I'm dead set on using. I just thought it would be an easy way to have more options with lenses but I'm already running into an issue. The adapter does allow for my FD lenses aperture blade to move freely without any mod so that is a plus. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Ryan
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