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Found 2 results

  1. 1 year ago I had a chance to meet a director, Jota Aronak, I had been a fan of since I started studying cinema when I was a youngster. I couldn’t believe that I was going to, finally, meet up with a person that I was a great fan of! Some days after that meeting he asked me to shoot a super small commercial for him and I was terrified because I thought: “Oh my God! HE wants me to shoot something for him, I can’t believe it!” So I was in super “FML” mode because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to deliver what he wanted. I was! And since then I have been on a journey of learning how to shape my aesthetics to every project that he has asked me to be part of and this commercial we shot in Madrid and Malaysia in October is the latest one we have done together. We shot for 3 days in Madrid and 5 days in Malaysia, even though the Malaysian part is a really small part of the story. Budget was small and almost everything was shot with natural and available light. The agency and the client were very nice and they let us shoot things our way, that is, with a lot of texture / grain and in a improvised way in some cases / scenarios. On the first day and second day in Madrid we had loads of sequences to shoot but we found time to look for other things that weren't scripted and a lot of them ended up in the commercial! The premiere of the commercial campaign was last Thursday in one of the oldest cinemas in Madrid called Capitol and the commercial will be on the cinemas till February 2018. The 30" and 45" versions will be on TV till the end of 2018. Anyways, here we go! Divina Pastora - The Other Economy Hope you like it! Have a lovely day!
  2. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to team up again with the amazing director Jota Aronak and our wonderful production designer Carolina Vita to shoot a commercial for Red Cross for its Spanish Summer campaign produced by a Spanish production company called Sal Gorda. We had a really tight schedule, 1 day for us to shoot across different locations in Madrid, Spain. Luckily we found the three interiors in one house or else we wouldn't have been able to work that fast. So, one thing that I love doing is to spend time in each location to see what the light does in that location and that's what I did for our 6 locations, once we had our locations chosen I went the following day to the 6 of them at the times that I thought that we should shoot in them and then I suggested that the schedule was created according to the lighting needs to take advantage of the natural light. Everything but the bathroom sequence and the background of the soldier shot was shot with natural light. As we wanted the piece to feel more real and gritier, we shot at 3200ASA with the Alexa Mini and Master Prime lenses. We mainly used the 25mm with Glimmerglass 2 or 3 and a Soft Black Net. Colour grading was done in El Colorado in Madrid and we only changed the contrast a bit and made a couple of power windows here and there.. 2 hours and done! So, if you live in Spain you will be watching the commercial non-stop on tv, in all the tv stations till July 20th! It was a really emotional project for me because I was a Red Cross volunteer when I was a kid and that made me think about all the people around the world who helps other people in different types of situations so having the opportunity to create something for them was beautiful! Have a lovely day!! :)
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