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Found 4 results

  1. Not a request to critique my work as such, but I couldn't see a more appropriate place to show this. I recently had my late father's old standard 8 films scanned. Mostly they were all normal home movie stuff such as holidays, family events etc., but I found this clip which is a short sketch he made with my brother & sister and the kids from the family next door. (I wasn't around then!) The film dates from around 1963. Although very simple, I was really impressed with how well filmed it is bearing in mind the era it is from. I realise a may be somewhat biased in this view!
  2. Hi guys, Been following the forum for ages but never actually managed to ask anything so here it is. I was given the opportunity to light and shoot a small online promo for a new water company about their flavoured water. The moto basically is "water with a twist". You know Children find water boring. But it’s good for them. They expect coke, sprite, orange juice, squash ... anything but Hate2O! I have never shot a commercial/promo with kids and never ever lit for a classic high key, bright white commercial look that you can find all the time when promoting a new yogurt, or food, or
  3. Hi, I will be shooting a commercial involving children playing with lego's, drinving with toy cars, buildng houses etc. Everything will be framed very tight, so I will be only focusing on the kid's hands from the wrist down and the lego itself. The size of the lego set is only about 3x4'. It basicly resembles a small city, with a gas station, houses, firestation etc. I' am trying to come up with a lighting solution, that will cover most shots, without having to re-light all the time, except when shooting some scenes that really require it. I will have a couple of lighting setups t
  4. I shot my first short film "A Fistful of Feathers" with Director of Photography, Tom Hanmer, back in December and finished up post in May. Tom used his beautifully sharp Leica Zooms and his newly acquired motion mount. Amazing way to shoot. Wicked fast adjustments. .1 ND increments all day long. A great way to work on a tight schedule.
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