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Found 3 results

  1. I know that manufacturers have in recent weeks released software patches to fix these things up, or are about to, but if I understood correctly, there still remains some sort of a chance of something going wrong by someone using these flaws, since they are at a hardware level. Has someone followed this? If you have, do you perhaps know if the next generation of chips will have this fixed and how much might the performance of these chips be affected? I guess we won't know until some testing is done? I was considering buying this laptop http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-envy-laptop-17t-best-value-2rx66av-1 but choosing the Performance set-up in Recommended Configurations, and even then changing some small bits in components and software. Perhaps there's something better in the same class? This just happened to be a touch-screen laptop, something I don't care much about. I only saw it some time after bumping onto this computer. Is now a time as any other when considering buying a new computer? Or is it better to wait a little?
  2. First off I have no experience with chromebooks but I'm looking for an affordable option to do onsite data transfer. Essentially an alternative to a MacBook Air. Now Red Cine or DaVinci are not gonna run on it but has anybody used it to get files from a card to a drive and if so are there any DIT tools / software for DIT use? any feedback much appreciated
  3. I'm a camera assistant, working mostly with Alexa, F3 and the occasional Epic/Scarlett. I've got an old 2009 Windows Laptop which has expresscard 34 and esata but only one USB 3 port. And not much of a battery life. I'm looking to upgrade to something better, but Apple hasn't ever really released something that attracts me, and it doesn't look like they ever will. I've done a lot of research, and it looks like the Lenovo Thinkpad T430s with i7 is the only laptop in the world with Express Card 34, 2 x USB 3, and Thunderbolt! It also has the capability for multiple hotswap batteries, second hard drive, upgradeable ram (atleast 16GB) and much cheaper dock options. With this laptop, I could load SxS cards to two USB 3 hard drives with no power supplies, dongles or docks necessary (Assuming the drives are bus powered). I could also insert a 6Gbps eSATA expresscard adapter to load redmags for RED work. With a Sonnet Thunderbolt Expresscard adapter it would give me two expresscard slots, and future expandability for whatever TB solutions come out (as long as they are daisy chainable). I'm just worried about how well the industry supports windows based data loading. Also there's no silverstack for windows, and I'd have to use Mac Drive for most productions. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, I'd like to make a move on a new laptop relatively soon. Cheers.
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