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  1. Thanks for the input - you basically confirmed what my thoughts. Probably going to get a used/refurbished MacBook
  2. First off I have no experience with chromebooks but I'm looking for an affordable option to do onsite data transfer. Essentially an alternative to a MacBook Air. Now Red Cine or DaVinci are not gonna run on it but has anybody used it to get files from a card to a drive and if so are there any DIT tools / software for DIT use? any feedback much appreciated
  3. Thank you so much for the comments it definitely gave me more insight into the matter
  4. I was just recently working on an exterior (union) shoot where we had some rain and powered 2 12K HMIs and a 1.2 HMI all conections where uncovered lying on the floor and I asked the best boy about it - he said it is all fine other than that he wasn't very talkative but I'm now very curios about how much rain can an HMI stand as well as the connections and the generator? I'd be very grateful for more informations on the subject to help me keep my sets safe.
  5. I will start a production soon where we have a lot of exterior shots combined with green screen. Yet I feel comfortable in a studio location and green screen I haven't had to deal with it in a day exterior setup So if you have good advice or a general approach I'd be very interested in that.
  6. garden state! we see zack braf in the middle of a mirror and then he swings it open it is right in the beginning of the movie around 0:20 and I think in road to redemption is another one when he kills the guy in the bathtub but not perfectly sure
  7. yeah thought so if you didn't already call the guys at abel cinetech - they are great and treat you well
  8. i agree w sean but here might be something inspiring and funny http://picturesofcrashingandexplodingcars.inmovies.ch/ http://picturesofpeoplewhoshootguns.inmovies.ch/
  9. yes of course it can but in my opinon a steady cam creates more emotional distance than handheld handheld really puts the viewer in the scene and feels less voyeuristic ... steadycam shows the uncontrolable situation but puts you on the outside ... it all comes down to what is it the story needs
  10. beside scarlett there are big sensor video cameras coming i am pretty sure with in the next year ... not sure about canon but sony and panasonic definitely go for it SONY NEX-VG10 http://pro-av.panasonic.net/en/af100/index.html so right now a lot of things change - thats why i really hold up from buying anything right now and rather rent it... i know at least 5 people that bought a 5D this year - then it comes down to what lenses and other accessories... so answering this question is very hard right now - you just have to decide if it is wort for you ... but also if you want to sell a HVX200 do sooner than later i think to get at least some money
  11. one thing to think about is that americans are not very used to see dubbed movies on the other hand germans are so it is less awkward for germans if it is not exactly lip sync. however i think the most important is what you and the actors are most comfortable with - because if you have a great actor but he has to think more about his language than his acting then you loose performance. the last german movies that were well received were all just with subtitles as far as i know das leben der anderen der untergang das weise band
  12. only thing is that it runs only on 18mbits/s while the 7d has 48mbit/s i think (correct me if i am wrong) in the end all that counts is how the picture looks like here a test/promotion i found - i personally am not a big fan of how the skin turns out but i have the same problem with some canon footage ...
  13. hi if you want to do this course do it in NY and nowhere else! that is where NYFA is best plus i know from the last batch some people inscribed for LA but they couldnt get enough people there so 3 or 4 students where send to NY to do the program there. I can say from my own experience it is a good program and you learn a lot - depending on your experience level. if you have any questions in particular just shoot me a mail - im happy to help.
  14. they didn't shoot the entire movie anamorphic but the fight scenes and yes they had a special ground glass provided by panavision. the rest is spherical 4-perf super35
  15. I guess it depends what you want to do.... and if you only talk about the US Chicago has a quite active community from what I heard and Toronto I guess but there is also a lot of work all over south america and of course bollywood but for US NY and LA are def. good calls for everything.
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