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Found 4 results

  1. For sale Sony Oled 25" monitor Mod 2541, no dead pixels, excellent shape. 2x1 HD-SDI, HDMI and Composite Video. In LA. Comes in a makeshift case with an Osha cable. $2,650.00
  2. I resolved the issue with the camera blinking the monitor, apparently you change it from HDMI to DVI. Second problem, and more severe, is an issue where the camera will not turn back on. So here is what happens. We shoot, and when we take a break, I turn the camera and the Lilliput off. When I go to turn it back on, I here the mirrored shutter open, I turn on the Lilliput, and the Camera doesn't respond, no signal goes to the monitor, nothing. The only thing I could do is, pull out the battery, and try again. I almost wanna just Turn on the camera first, wait a while, then turn on the monitor. Has anyone had this issue. I need to solve this ASAP. I just was called last minute to shoot a project. Got towards the end of the shoot when I started having these issues. Luckily that was done, but in two weeks I got another shoot for the entire month, as well as the following two months. Please let me know, I'm anxious to hear more about this issue. -Sean
  3. Hello, Here i would like to clear some questions raised before starting a new project.. as i shared my equipment i have and the question how to use them for better result.. I am now doing a job for the first time on DSLR and have so many questions and need all the help you all can provide. The gear available to me: 5d3, 1dx Zeiss 14, Zeiss 35, Zeiss 135 (on its way) Fluid head tripod. Lexar 1000x 32gb UDMA 7 card A three year old Imac for editing. Nature of job and crew: I will be going to small villages and shoot lifestyles of people as artistically as I can. I will shoot lots of interviews with audio. I have a focus puller and lighting assistant. I want efficient frill free equipment set up that does the job. However, keeping gear light is not the first requirement, getting professional output is. The edited videos will be viewed mostly on internet and at times projected on a mid size screen. My questions: 1. Do I need another monitor besides the LCD on the camera to check focus etc? 2. Which is the best slider for price for DSLR? 3. Which is the best way to record audio? Do I record on camera or external recorder and sync using a slate? I have a BeachTek DXA-SLR available for free. Is it any good? 4. Should I use Magic Lantern software or original Canon RAW? If magic lantern, then which version? 5. What is the ideal ISO for video? And if not ideal, what is the acceptable range for noise free work. 6. Is 1/50 the only shutter speed to work at or it does not matter? 7. Will my Imac be ok for the edit? I will not buy an Imac now until it is refreshed, but just want to prepare myself on the speed of edit. Thank you!
  4. I'm selling my Panasonic DVX100B with a number of other items included. I'm asking $800 for everything. Fast & Free shipping is included. Ebay Listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171360606558 Includes: 1 - Panasonic DVX100B 2 - Batteries 1 - Battery charger with one cord to the outlet and the other to the camera 1 - Automatic Pan/Tilt head with remote control 1 - Forearm camera stabilizer 1 - Cavison rail system 1 - Remote control 1 - LCD Widescreen Magnifier (I'm not sure why they call it this, it's really just a sun shade) 1 - Static 35mm adapter with 50mm Nikon Lens and small pelican case. (the diopter lens is loose but it does not affect the usage of the adapter) 2 - LCD Monitors (one is an IKAN), There is no power cable for the second monitor. The IKAN runs off the Panasonic batteries and comes with a plastic adapter for this purpose. 3 - Neoprene lens bags These items are free with this package and may not work. I've never tested them.: Lanc Controller Amico Wireless Mic Lowell Light
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