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  1. For sale a 50 and an 85mm Zeiss super speed lenses. MK2 Great shape, checked by Abel LA. $12,500.00 ea. Will post pix at a later time
  2. For sale Preston Cables Lot of 8 complete and 3 for parts. In LA, buyer pays shipping. Sold as is. $280.00 for all
  3. In great shape, This PL Angenieux Optimo lens is the perfect companion to the 24-290 zoom. Comes with ATA case and rods, recently checked and serviced. $20,900.00 Lens is in LA, shipping on your account
  4. lens has been sold to a lucky buyer.
  5. Up for sale my 17-80 in beautiful shape clean inside and out, $20,900.00 Comes with travel hard case and Duclos Heden motor mounting bracket. For $1,500.00 more I can Add motor cable and Preston microforce.
  6. All I need from you is full payment, if you want Duclos to check it I can bring to him, you'd have to pay for his services, usually one hour. He did some maintenance on this lens about 3 years ago and I haven't used it since.
  7. Yes, I also have a 16, 28, 50,85, 100 and 135, plus a 50 and an 85 Super speeds
  8. Includes: Single Channel Handset, MDR2 (both Blue Dot and 4G), DM-1 motor with 19mm Hill bracket with 15mm inset, 1 Marking Ring, 2 working Batteries, ac charge with lighter cable. Camera cables for: Sony, Panavision, 11pin Fischer. Power cables MDR to: Ptap, 3 Pin, 24V Panavision, 11 Pin Fischer. MDR mounting bracket (V mount), motor cable. Custom Innerspace Pelican case Send me your email. This website has a ridiculous small size for pictures to be posted. Shame on it.
  9. So, a set of standard speeds (S35) won't do? I hava a beautiful set, but they are PL
  10. In amazing shape 5x 64GB SxS Pro cards and a brand new Card reader, the fastest Sony made for this cards. So fast that they even have a tag on the device that says "High Speed" $1800 and these 6 items are yours. This site doesn't allow me to post my pictures. since they are 500Kb, please send me a private message and I will send them to you.
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