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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I am going to be shooting an old monitor in the near future, but in the test shooting noticed a lot of moire/ aliasing on the screen. If anyone has any idea how to get rid off/ reduce this, would be very interested to hear. Thanks.
  2. Hey, so i recently got this Sankyo super8 camera for $5... It's missing a button on top just ahead of a rocker switch and I don't think the rocker does anything anymore. I believe the model is CME666. If anyone could tell me if it will still shoot I would greatly appreciate it! The motor does work and everything else on it works too.
  3. I'm curious if film schools give away old cameras. I'm interested in using a 16mm camera, but the cameras are expensive and even the cheapest (good) ones listed on eBay are usually 2-3 times the price of a Super 8 camera. I can certainly afford it, but the price might be a bit too much to start off. This is why I am interested if film schools are willing to give away (or sell for a lower price) their old cameras. Especially since most schools are focusing on digital and only limit film cameras to a few courses, perhaps it's possible. Similarly, are there any other places, like news stations, that will give away their cameras?
  4. I want to build a 10m(L) x 20m(W) + 5m(H) mid century modernist lobby with a large 20m x 5m glass front (with dividers) and want to know how realistic it is to have such a thing built. Can I use anything instead of glass or not use glass at all? How much do you think the glass front would cost?
  5. Edit: Sorry about the repost, the title got mixed up and I don't know how to delete posts. wonderful first impression : ) Edit 2: Ah, duck. The title is still 10-20.000 . It should have been 10-20.000€ vintage PL set for feature film. FIRSTLY Sorry about the title, I am horrible at this. FOREWORD Hello. This is my first posting in this forum and I don’t think it will be my last : ). I’m still young and there are lots of things that I don’t know about cinematography. So if I’m wrong somewhere, please correct me and feel free to tell me your thoughts. I have studied cinematography autodidactively, read the ASC Mag, Painting with Light, Film Lighting and books like that for quite some time now and have a handful of questions as I am currently approaching my first feature film. I can’t really say a lot about it at this moment but it will all come in the future. THE PROJECT The film takes place in the late 60s and the sets will be old european buildings and modernist 50s & 60s architecture (Wright, Rose, Bauhaus, …) My moods are 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr.Strangelove, Lola Montes, Touch of Evil, Brazil, North by Northwest, Yojimbo and Grand Budapest Hotel. I know it’s a bit colourful and partly entirely different but these are some the films that will inspire the look of this project. I would love to use film, which there is not enough budget and my first digital choice would be an Alexa. Now, there might not be enough budget for that as well and Even though I never wanted to do that, I’m thinking about/kind of pre-decided on a red dragon camera. I am not looking for a digital look, which sounds funny, but you know what I mean. I also won’t shoot 16mm because I want as much lens coverage as I can get. And I don’t want all that film hassle on my first feature, where I’ll have enough hassles already. The plan is too use the entire sensor (only possible in 6K) and tuning it down to 4K DPX Seqs. (Also handy for stabilizing shots). If I’m using vintage lenses and a 1/8 pro mist filter or something like that I’ll be fine. My first idea was to use 1.33x anamorphic lenses and I would really like to do that to get even more space. I didn’t find any 1.33x anam lens wider than 25mm, which is a 19 on FF (stretched to final image). And I want something a bit wider. More like a 14mm or 16mm FF equivalent. I thought about using the Letus Anamorphx Adapter. I don’t know how good it is, or what it can and can’t handle as there are few reviews out there. I would really like to test it though, but there are none in Austria, where I live. I am buying looking into buying lenses for the project and there will be 10-20k euros for that. Why not rent? because you can’t rent any vintage PL glass in Austria and I also really want that glass : ) . I also thought that maybe the set and dressing alone will have enough vintage flair and I could use newer lenses, like the CP.2s. THE DREAM I’m looking for something like this. 14mm - 21mm - 28mm - 35mm - 50mm - 80mm SOME LENS SET OPTIONS _ 2-3 anamorphic lenses + something like a 14mm Arri/Zeiss PL with an anamorphx (or not) I am afraid though, that the 14mm shots would look very different than the anam shots. The Anamorphx Adapter could fix some of that, but who knows. I also thought about the Tokina 11-16 cine rehousing but I’m even more worried about fixing up that look opposed to a 14mm Zeiss. _ An old PL Set + Anam Adapter _ CP.2s + Anam Adapter Maybe the 1/8 Filter + the Anam Adapter could deliver our vintage look? _ An old PL set and shooting 16:9 ACTUAL QUESTIONS I would love to hear your thoughts on it and if you have any other ideas or know any other anamorphic adapter aside the LV7200 and the anamorphx. What other filter I could use for achieving a “vintage look”. Another approach to this entire thing. P.S. Sorry if the post is too long : )
  6. Hello all, Here's a question that I would like to know the answer to: I'm preparing to shoot a short film, which will be entered into various film festivals, and there is a scene in the movie in which the protagonist is watching an old Western film (haven't decided on which one yet, but most likely The Wild Bunch (1969)). The movie will mostly be shown in the background, though for a few seconds I plan on shifting focus to show some of the violence from the clip. Now, my question is, would there be any copyright/legal issues with this? I plan on giving full credit to the studios in the final credits. Thanks, John W. King
  7. Hi everyone, I have watched so many TV shows, interviews with filmmakers and cinematographers about Cinema, and what really drew my attention was their taste or their preferred films ! 99% of them mention a classic ! Stanley Cubrick, sergio leone, Hitchcock, .... films. or even 1920's films ! I am not arguing here about other people tastes, but I want to understand the point of view of our great contemporary directors and cinematographers about their preferred pictures ! And even if you check the Top films of all time, you will find classics on the top, for example in Rotten Tomatoes the first 20 films are made more than 40-80 yeas ago ! except E.T which is 32 :) http://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/ What is special about classics that don't exist in contemporary cinema?
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