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Found 4 results

  1. To the Bay Area photographic and videographer community: Announcing: The Grand Opening of the Bay Area's newest broadcast equipment supplier. We are Draco Broadcast: the maker of the Dracast lighting brand as well as other production equipment brands such as..... • Magicue Teleprompters • Laizeske Camera Monitors • A&J Camera Sliders • and many more! We have a newly renovated showroom with spare studio space and will host monthly seminars, product swap meets, and other events. In addition, we will be offering rental services and providing a place for consignment sales. Right now, we're running a special promotion on the products: Kingjoy VT-860 Tripod - $31.99 each MaxxMove Rize H4 4K Action Camera $49.99 each Dracast Silkray LED 400 Soft Light -$203.49 each Dracast 140 Ring Light -$149 each We offer incentives for referral business. Please stop by and let us know if there's any service we can offer your organization. We want to become an integral part of the local broadcast community. For more information, visit dracobroadcast.com or call 408-229-9222. Thank you, Aaron Street General Manager
  2. there's a typo in the title i don't seem to be able to fix. "screws" not "screens." this is for a bell and howell 346a projector. it seems that lots of people have this problem for a few different bell and howell models, and it looks like kits including news spindles used to be sold. but now only the replacement screws are available anywhere that i can find. so these nylon screws are broken off in the spindle. if i can get them out i'm good. anyone have a trick for getting them out? thanks!
  3. Hello, I have been trying to research with little success on using projectors and high frame rates. I want to shoot 96 fps. With a projected image in frame. Would an LED projector allow filming at different frame rates/ shutter speeds without having flicker? And also having to consider output of the actually unit to get an image exposed when going to the higher frame rate. Or if anyone has worked with a specific projector that they recommend would be great or any good resources on this would be awesome, I have come up fairly empty handed and talking with some local projector rental companies to no avail. Thanks in advance Zach
  4. I've just been handed down a 67 year old projector that has been through 2 other generations of my family. This gem probably hasn't been run in 30-40 years. I know very little about projectors, except have figured out how to get this one loaded and running. It is a 16mm Ampro Imperial Precision. It uses a Sylvania DDB 750w lamp. Everything is in working order, except when the projector runs for more than 10 seconds smoke comes from the vent above the lamp. I've had the whole lamp assembly apart and cleaned thoroughly but can't figure out how to stop the smoking. The fan runs well and blows a constant strong breeze through the lamp housing. Wires to the lamp socket look fine and not melted at all. Smoking stops almost immediately after turning off the lamp. Anyone out there know anything about these old movie projectors? Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
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