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  1. m2.5 x 8 machine screw fits perfectly. took a second to find, but 33 cent a piece at basic hardware store. oh, any nylon screws? "they don't make them like the used to."
  2. figured it out this morning. heat up a flathead jewelers screwdriver tip, place gently into nylon just a little deeper than the notch in a screw head would be, wait for it to cool, unscrew. worked even for the one that was deeply embedded from someone trying to dig it out. about to go to hardware store and see if replacement screws really need to be special ordered and will report back.
  3. there's a typo in the title i don't seem to be able to fix. "screws" not "screens." this is for a bell and howell 346a projector. it seems that lots of people have this problem for a few different bell and howell models, and it looks like kits including news spindles used to be sold. but now only the replacement screws are available anywhere that i can find. so these nylon screws are broken off in the spindle. if i can get them out i'm good. anyone have a trick for getting them out? thanks!
  4. i appreciate all the info. couldn't get ahold of them to confirm -- presidents day i assume -- but just sent my first two rolls to cinelab today. shot garbage, but i can't wait to get it back. hopefully my cameras work.
  5. cut a notch in mine as well just to have the option. i absolutely need the filters. it's impossible to shoot in daylight. even with the 85 it overexposes. even in evening. they'er in the mail. got a canon 518 as well because i want something smaller, it looked unused, came with original case, two unopened wein mercury-replacement meter batteries (which is use for all kinds of cameras), and a recently purchased unopened vision3 500t roll. all for $25 usd down the street from me on craigslist. also have a chinon pocket dart on the way. payed nothing for it on ebay. manual and case. expect it not to work (untested), but i go from guitars, to typewriters, to stereos, to cameras, etc. i can fix it unless it's junked. will be really nice to have a point and shoot jacket pocket size camera. shot a test roll of tri-x with each over the weekend (now in a ziplock bag in my nice and cool basement). can't wait to get them back and test out the 346a, which is currently great for shadow puppets. thanks again everyone for all the help!
  6. just kidding about including processing. but dwayne's site says he processes it for all of $12 and telecine to dvd for $12.
  7. this film is still available and reasonable priced on filmphotographyproject.com. think it's the only color reversal until ektachrome 4th quarter. kinda sounds like the price includes processing too, sans shipping. just grabbed a cartridge.
  8. very much appreciate all the additional info. happy i got this figured out for the weekend. going to pick up a yellow filter for daytime shooting. and nice to hear the film isn't too fragile. martin, i assume you have modified your 814 or you cut a notch into your cartridges? because i just put my first tri-x cartridge in and the filter switch is disabled just like with 50D. got a 346a and absolutely plan on projecting.
  9. alright, that's interesting. and something i can handle now that i know what's up. i very much appreciate the thorough and easy to understand explanation. shaking my head at some of the convenience features on these cameras. notches? give me a freaking iso dial, canon.
  10. how can a film be two different speeds? i'm guessing it means that the 85 filter reduces light intensity so it's to be treated as 160 when using that filter? is there any reason to use the 85 filter with tri-x? does it give better contrast when filming in cool light or something? my 814 auto zoom manual says it does 200t, but maxes out at 160d. does that mean it's going to read my tri-x cartridge incorrectly when i do not have the 85 filter deployed? as unless someone tells me good reason otherwise, i think i'd shoot without no matter what color light i'm working in. also just in the name of not creating a bunch of threads, is there any specific way i am supposed to store a partially used cartridge or anything else i need to know about swapping cartridges out? with still film, i can have a back full of film sitting in my 60 degree fahrenheit living room for a month and the results look as good as if i'd taken it out of my fridge, shot, and developed same day. any difference with super 8 film? i'm nervous about putting back in fridge because of condensation. also relevant to what to do with used cartridges before i have the number i want to send in for processing. thanks!
  11. glanced at cinelab prices before buying film and decided i could (barely) afford to play with super 8. didn't look closely though, as minimum orders are going to be a huge problem for me too. non-pro, can't write this stuff off, don't even know if the camera is properly exposing film. determined though. will figure something out. reached out to you through gamma about pricing, perry.
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